Friday, March 12, 2010


I have really had it up to here with this damned hot weather....41C today and this is 12C above the average....28C overnight which is the hottest Perth night for 76 years. No rain for over 3 months and not only are our gardens suffering but we are as well.

I have never been a fan of summer and much prefer winter but even those that tolerate hot weather rather well are feeling jaded too. There are clouds in the sky but no precipitation whatsoever. Even if a shower fell it would evaporate before it hit the ground.

We are promised 'possible' showers on the weekend and weather in the mid-twenties next week and I watch the forecasts with trepidation as they have promised us that recently only to have the temps be anything up to 10 degree more than forecast.

Please Hughie have pity on the people of Perth and other parts of Western Australia and cool us down, send us some rain.

I heard the other day that the long range forecast is for rain on 24th March...that is nearly 2 weeks away. Of course if it doesn't rain then I think the old belief is that it won't rain until about the second Sunday after Easter....OMG Easter is not till early April.

To make matters worse our ducted R/C airconditiong is still not fixed but I guess we must be thankful for the hold in the wall (vintage 1988) R/C aircon in the living room. I can't wait though till my kitchen (and the bedroom at night) are cool again. I want my life back!!!!

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  1. Was hot and humid down south too, more so when the rain came on Fri and Sat nights. Sometimes it is better to get the rain when the weather is cooler I am beginning to think as it doesn't always cool it down.