Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today is 24th March which means one quarter of this year has already almost disappeared but where has that time gone and why does it appear to go so fast?

I can recount any outstanding events on one hand:

1) My birthday on 2 January spent on our front lawn with the family eating fish and
chips for dinner.

2) Lunch with #2 granddaughter and our #1 great-granddaughter. Always great to meet
with them.

3) Attending our #2 great-grandddaughter's second (grown-ups only) birthday bash at
her parent's home when we had a great time.

4) A leisurely lunch with a youngish friend of ours. The three of us really enjoy
each other's company and we try our best to be a support to him and he probably
to us when I come to think of it. He treats us as equals and not as old people
which is great as he is only in his mid-40s.

5) A great three hours spent at #1 grandddaughter's home where I had so much fun
playing with #2 GGD. I suddenly realised I was beginning to sound like the
presenters on Play School but at least I only had GGD as an audience so didn't
feel strange doing kiddie things.

In 3 months that doesn't sound a very exciting life but it was, of course, interspersed with a visit to my orthapaedic surgeon (12 month check following 2nd hip replacement); a visit to my doctor; a visit to my dentist; a couple of visits to my podiatrist; several visits to my physiotherapist and of course our exercise group each Wednesday morning. My Other Half now comes along as well as he has osteoporosis and the exercises, weights etc., are good for that complaint.

As I am unable to walk around very much, and certainly not for any length of time without my walking frame, I no longer have the pleasure of wandering around the shops and don't even spend a lot of time grocery shopping (save money that way). I am so glad my OH is still able to play golf; it's not so much the game but the pleasure of being in the great outdoors (so he tells me). There are others that say he probably just enjoys having a break from yours truly but I am sure that is not correct.

There have been some trying times for us too. Today our ducted airconditioner was finally repaired after months of frustration; our washing machine sprung a leak and then another leak but my brother came to the rescue and bought me a new one; the shelving in this room fell quite unexpectedly and now I have so many things to find homes for (fortunately I was not in here as I usually am); our little upright vacuum has given up the ghost so a new one of those is on the list. These are only material things but as you age you can do without this type of problem.

We fortunate that we are being helped to get our back garden into shape for which we are very grateful and I am hoping that in a few months that will look really good again. I used to do so much in the garden and it has suffered over the past few years as it has become a bit much for my OH to try and cope with all of it.

I take an interest in world affairs and try and keep up with the politics of the day but at times I wonder why I bother doing the latter. I feel very distressed at times when I hear about the dreadful catastrophes that happen in other parts of the world and worse still the hatred that so many people have for others that makes them take their own lives in order to kill others, and other dreadful things. Unfortunately I can do nothing about those things other than ponder on them and wonder why.

My computer is a very large part of my life now and I do enjoy using Facebook and a couple of the applications on there which occupies quite a lot of my time so maybe that is why time seems to be flying along. Genealogy has been put on the back burner at present. I had begun to go sideways and was finding 3rd, 4th and even 5th cousins and it truly was becoming a little bogged down. Perhaps later in the year I will get back to it as the 1911 census should be complete soon and there could be some items of interest to be found there.

SO...that has been 3 months in the life of this dear old soul and still it goes on and OH and I hope it will continue to do so for some years to come. We need and depend on each other and every day we are both grateful that we have each other.

I don't blog very often for the simple fact that my life to others must be a complete and utter bore but it is good occasionally to be able to sit down and write about things that are on my mind. I am not even sure that many people even read these posts but that doesn't really matter....just good to have an outlet for my thoughts. My daughter does some great blogging but then she has a very active and interesting life and, of course, my #1 granddaughter has won an award for her blogs dealing with early childhood. It is not that I don't have the ability with words but rather that I have so little to share that I feel would be of any interest to others.


  1. I don't find what you write boring at all, in fact I admire your willingness to become so technology minded. I love what you write. This links to my old blog, current blog is:

  2. Amanda thank you so much for your kind comments. I guess it is just that I see myself as a boring old has been for the simple fact that I do so little these days compared with others.
    I also enjoy your blog and think you are one very talented young woman. I am so glad you are a friend of Christie too.