Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have friends who value material goods and I now realise that I do not. There are certain items that mean a lot to me 'cos of who they once belonged to or who gave them to me but 'things' themselves are not important. I live a very simple life and am constantly trying to rid myself of surplus articles. I have recently passed on items to my daughter and granddaughters, things which were important to me and that I kept for many years but I felt the time had come for them to find new homes with younger folk.

I do keep some things for sentimental reasons like a brooch and a pack of cards my first boyfriend gave me approximately 62 years ago (poor chap died a year or two back) and also a brooch my adopted half-brother gave me probably 60 years ago (he also has passed on). There is a beautiful silver serviette ring complete with a cupid (or some such fanciful person) on it that my first mother-in-law gave me in about 1954. These things are tiny and don't take up much room and are not of great value but it's just nice to have them although we don't actually need to possess items to help us remember those that were near and dear to us as the memories of them are always there which keeps them very much alive.

I have a pair of china Siamese cats that I purchased for $1 each at Woolworths general store in Cottesloe back in about 1968 and they are always on my mantelpiece. Not worth anything but just very special to me...bought in a very happy time as I had married my second husband around that time and was also employed in a very good job. Nice things associated with good things and good times are great to have.

I also have my mother's MBE medal and the OBE that was her father's (sent to me from England after his death some years ago) and they are nice to have until they too may be passed on.

The time has come to just get 'stuff' out of the house so I don't have to constantly worry about it having to be dusted or cleaned. I will always keep those little things that are important but the rest can go and as soon as possible.

My adopted folks' home on their farm near Albany (Western Australia) was completely destroyed by fire some time before I was born in 1932 and subsequently I did not inherit any famiy heirlooms although I believe they did have some nice pieces. The only thing that did come through the fire unscathed was my dad's MBE medal (minus the ribbon and clasp of course) and that would have gone to my brother and I imagine one of his children or grandchildren would now have it. We have often wondered what those medals are made of as gold and silver melted completely in that fire.

Had this event not occured I perhaps would own some quite old things that would have sentimental attachments but as I do not then I will just keep the little things that are still important to me (I do have mum's wedding ring and other small items) and otherwise only anything that we need for day to day living.

I wonder if other people also feel they have no need of surplus items in their lives and if so, how do you go about trying to get rid of them? Your hints would be most helpful.

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