Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here we are nearly half way through February and so far no real mishaps so fingers crossed. Last year was quite eventful in many ways.

Firstly, I had my second hip replacement op (very successful it was too) in January and secondly hubby began using insulin to help his diabetes mid-way through the year....2 quite large events in the life of this ancient couple. It was also discovered he had an adenoma on one of his adrenal glands which in turn had been doing all sorts of strange things to his blood pressure. potassium level etc. New medication and lots less of other medications has turned all that around and all is going really well.

In December of course my other half turned 80 and he celebrated his birthday on 3 different occasions with family and friends which was great for all of us.

On the down side there were the deaths of various people known to us, some of whom were family (my closest friend, my niece's husband and a dear elderly uncle of mine). The others were relations of friends and every death holds so much sadness for those affected. There is little one can say or do to ease the pain but just being there is at least something and to let them know you care is so important.

I am still going to my exercise group held by our physiotherapist and we have so much fun, as well as exercises. We are all approaching or are over 80 with many health problems but we get on so well together and have lots of laughs. When one of the group doesn't turn up we all worry that all is well with them and are relieved when we see them again, hopefully the following week.

Hubby is enjoying his golf so much more as all the family on both sides clubbed together to buy him an electric golf buggy (no, not the big ones you sit in but one to replace that which he once had to pull along behind him). He feels less exhausted after a game and we are hoping it will keep him on the golf course for many years to come. I had once intended that we both play when he retired but unfortunately my arthritis has prevented that happening. So much for long term plans.

This month my eldest granddaughter and family moved into a home they are buying so it seems they will now be settled down for at least several years which is great and their little girl (our beautiful second great-granddaughter) will turn two tomorrow and we hope we will get to see them all soon.

So let the rest of 2010 unfold and hopefully bring with it good health, safety and happiness for everyone.

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