Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Beginning with my choice of pretty flowers for the week.   Love the colour of these.

Not a lot to report at all.   Gee, it was cold yesterday!!!   As I sat at my desk I had a rug over my lap and ended up putting on a woolly jacket as well.   This up and down weather I am sure is not good for one.  Now our week is quickly warming up to the high 30s next weekend.   Wondering if it will go back down again or will this be the actual beginning of an early summer.   Hope not although we've been promised a hot one.

I think I've told you before about the son of a lifetime friend of mine.  He came home from New South Wales when his mum was ill with Parkinsons and then cancer and became her carer for several years.  He remained in WA but has a lady friend in NSW and they visit with each other every year or so.  He drove across months ago and I thought maybe he would stay but no, today he rang to say he is back in WA and continuing to clear out his possessions from a friend's garage.  Richard is now in his 50s and I begin to think perhaps he never will settle down completely.  It was great to hear from him and we'll meet up with him soon for a meal and a good chin wag.  Strange thing is that I only mentioned Richard to Phil about 20 minutes before he rang.  That has happened before with Richard ringing within a short time of me mentioning him.  It's not as though he telephones that often either.  Quite uncanny!!

Do most of you still have landline telephones?   I prefer ours to using the mobile and yet if we call local and STD number using our mobile the calls are free.  Phil often does that and he seems to be quite au fait with the little mobile Telstra donated to us free of charge.   I am wondering when people are connected to the NBN if they will still have their landline.  We keep hearing about how expensive it is and it's behind schedule etc but no actual information about how it will work if the facility runs past one's home.  Government are funny that way....lots of talk but little important information.  The NBN is so far away from our area I doubt we will ever have to worry about it anyway and I am quite happy with my internet provider at $30/month.  I find the internet quite quick and I seldom have a problem.  Should there be one the IT geeks have never let me down and my computer is usually up and running again within minutes.  NBN?  Who needs it, except perhaps people in country areas and for them I feel it is really important.

That's enough silly chat for now.   Hope your week is going the way you want it to go...quickly if you are looking forward to the weekend or something special.

P.S.  Can anyone enlighten me about this European thingie that keeps appearing when I open my blog?  Am I supposed to do something about it or with it?   No idea what it's all about so hopefully all will continue as is.



  1. Hari OM
    Firstly - that bloggy thing is a legal requirement but unless you want to learn about reprogramming the HTML and putting your own warning up, you can pretty much ignore it. All you need to in your dashboard is click the 'x' at top right and the message will go away. It is just that when anyone in Europe opens your page, they will see the cookies warning... I have scheduled a post about it for Thursday. In short. Ignore it!

    How nice that you have a younger friend to keep in touch with - and the he is keen to maintain that contact. It can happen, that 'prescience' thing; I get it a lot!

    We have a similar kinda scheme about 'rural broadband' here in UK and it has just been hooked up in my town... but like you I see no need to pay the extra dollars when my landline and current i'net bundle are working perfectly well for me. ... if it ain't broke and all that!!!

    This week would be better if the sciatica would move along. But other than that it's looking fine! YAM xx

    1. Thanks for the info and I am wondering if this has happened because of Brexit.
      Sorry about the sciatica...I had it for years but when my back got worse for some reason the sciatic pain went away. Sometimes I wish I had it back. lol
      I have heard some folk in Oz not happy with NBN and I am sure it will be out of date before or if it is ever finished.
      Glad 'other' things are looking good. xx

    2. ..no the EU regs for cookies has been in place for about three years, but there was a deadline for all internet to comply... and Google are actually a tad past it! Nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit. Yxx

  2. I think you should thank your lucky stars you get services as cheaply as you do as long as they work. Our cell service is ridiculous and our land line doesn't work for calls, let alone internet.

    I hope you got rid of that notice. Just a simple x-ing it, did mine.

    1. Will X it next time I see it.
      Our 'cell' phone is cheap and costs $20 a month with free local and STD calls. Our landline cost a fortune but it works fine. The internet is great nearly 100% of the time so we are lucky with that.
      I feel different places in the world have different problems to others.

  3. I'm beginning to think the NBN will be obsolete long before it even gets up and running.
    The European thing? Are you talking about the HTTP vs HTTPS warning on the 'new post' page?
    I read it a couple of times and from what I understand we can choose to leave our blog names with the http:// prefix and everyone can read it or we can switch to https:// and the blog will be encrpyted and only those we wish will be allowed to read. I just closed both messages and am leaving my blog name as is.

    1. I feel you are right about the NBN. It has been a fiasco for both sides of government.
      I really don't understand all that about HTTP and HTTPS except the S is supposed to make it a secure site which I hope it does.
      As far as all the other stuff it is way beyond my knowledge of the internet. I will definitely X it out.

  4. ooops, it seems I was wrong. after reading your first commenter it is about cookies. Anyway I x-ed them both.

    1. Thanks but I have no idea what cookies are. You can see I am very computer illiterate but x them I will.

    2. Hari OM
      River and Mimsie; cookies are the search algorithms that the internet uses to track all your actions and thus target advertising and such like according to your pattern. The EU thought they were doing everyone a favour by enforcing the announcement of the use of cookies on any website that you open here in Europe.

      The https:// has been rolled out on all blogs which do not have their own domain name. If you have a domain name of your own choosing (i.e. not a 'blogspot' addy), you can opt to change to https:// but it is not automatic.

      It is okay to 'x' them and accept that Google knows what it is doing and it is all actually for better security. Or you can go your own way! YAM xx

    3. Thanks so much for the explanation very little of which I understand but apparently we are doing the right thing in just x-ing them.