Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I found this picture of some pretty cosmos and as my dad nearly always grew them I thought it a good introduction to today's chat.

Not a lot to report.  Yesterday was a real stinker and last night so hot.  Today is not likely to be much better and then on Wednesday the temperature drops way down and we are to have rain and perhaps a thunderstorm.   Fortunately, although there was a bushfire threatening houses in one of our northern suburbs, it was put under control within a few hours but the bad thing is they believe it was deliberately lit.  Hope they find the scoundrel responsible.

It was K and B's 39th wedding anniversary on Saturday and they went away for two nights to their special place down in Margaret River.  They are both so busy at work now and neither has 100% good health so it was great they managed to escape for a short time.  I know they had the trip to the US but with the thousands of miles in the air they were both worn out when they arrived home. This is the main street in M.River and the other the coast down that way.

I have made an appointment for Phil to see Dr Ken on Thursday afternoon.  Thought it a little too hot to be going out yesterday and today and the doctor won't be there on Wednesday so Thursday had to be it.  Will let you know what transpires.  I feel perhaps Phil will be put on Crestor which is the medication I take to keep my cholesterol in check.  No really bad side effects.

Was saddened to hear about the 7.8 earthquake that hit New Zealand in the early hours of Monday and two lives lost made it even worse.  Fortunately it was in a more rural area but several homes were destroyed or badly damaged and one historic building is no more.  The area of Kaikoura which suffered the worse damage, and a small tsunami,  I remember from when we visited New Zealand back in 1981.   We drove on that coastal road that was so badly damaged in this quake.  We had been on a bus tour of the south island and when we arrived in Picton (top of the south island) we had intended to catch public transport back to Christchurch.   The bus driver's fiancee had been waiting for him in Picton and he asked her if she would give us a lift to CH-CH.  He also asked her to stop at the caravan on the side of the road so we could buy a crayfish (lobster) which we did.  That was possibly the road that yesterday was partly demolished by the quake.  A very beautiful part of a beautiful country.

Did you happen to see the SUPER MOON last night.  Ours is not a good place to see the moon rise but not long after there it was up in the sky, so large and SO bright.  Had to make sure we saw it as it won't do that again until 2034 so we were told.  My granddaughter Aimee and I both have an infinity with the moon.  It began when she was quite tiny.  The family were at our place and the moon was full.  I said 'there's my moon' and she said "no, it's my moon".  I then explained the one she saw when she was home was her moon but the one we saw at my home was my moon.  Honestly, one should not do that with a small child.  We've often laughed about it over the years.

I hope you week is going well for you as it is for us, apart from the heat.  Phew!!!


  1. Hari OM
    Unfortunately cloud cover is preventing view of the silver orb... sigh... There was another earthquake, we heard tonight. Horrendous. Glad Phil's appt is made... and Margaret River is a glorious spot; well done K! YAM xx

    1. We were so lucky in Perth to have a very clear evening sky so were able to view super moon in all its glory.
      They don't call NZ the Shaky Isles for nothing do they?
      For the north island to be so affected this time shows what a big shake it was with hundreds of after shocks. Nasty. xx

  2. Margaret River would be a lovely spot to go for a special treat.
    We had cloud cover last night so only saw a little of the moon.
    Good luck to Phil. I hope all goes well.

    1. Bad luck about the cloud and that moon really was beautiful. K took a great shot with her super duper camera on full zoom.
      Margaret River really is a great place to live or go to for a holiday. My half-brother lives there and won't leave now he's really settled down.

  3. I missed again this evening. No supermoon picture for me again, pooh.

    Earthquake, that's sad. My discombobbled brain is wondering about possible correlation between super moon and damage.

    1. Sorry about the evasive moon.
      New Zealand is called the Shaky Isles and lives up to its reputation. Nothing to do with super moon. Christchurch had an earthquake 6 years ago and about 180 people lost their lives and their beautiful city was devastated. Seems to me there is much more movement there than previously.

  4. We're getting your heat this coming Thursday, I was saying to neighbours "Thank goodness it's a day when I don't have to go out" but I do of course, Thursday is when I pay my rent. But it's only a few minutes to the shop and back, I'll go early before it gets too hot.
    I remembered someone on TV saying the best time to see the supermoon was just after midnight, so out I went at 12:20am and it was full and bright white, but not very large as it would have been if I saw it while it was rising at dusk. That's impossible here, there are too many buildings in the way to be able to see the horizon.
    The earthquake was terrible news, especially the lost lives.

    1. It was hotter today than was forecast but it suddenly dropped 10C early afternoon and tonight (7.45pm) it is down to 21C. They say rain tomorrow which we badly need but I can do without the thunderstorm which they say may happen as well.
      We are unable to see the rising moon because of houses and trees but can see it soon after so we went out a few minutes after moon rise and it was beautiful. Went out about an hour later and it was still huge and gave out so much light you could almost read by it.
      Don't remember them telling us back in 1948 about a super moon but maybe they didn't bother with such things then.
      Did you see where they rescued 3 cows that were left stranded on an island of land in NZ? They did a wonderful job as did the military picking up so many stranded people from the town of Kaikoura.
      The Kiwis are like we Aussies....band together when help is needed but I was disgusted to hear there had been looting.

  5. Mimsie, a wise decision making Phil's appointment on a cooler day. Hoping all goes well with his exam. The tsunami did so much damage in outlying areas. Mother Nature is one powerful lady!!...:)JP

    1. Thursday is going to be a lovely cool day.
      Yes, Mother Nature has powers beyond belief at times.
      Thank so much for popping and paying a visit.