Saturday, October 29, 2016


Thinking about ads that appear on TV some of which I find completely ridiculous and most of which get muted very quickly.  I am usually crocheting when watching TV so concentrate on that while the ads are on.  Sometimes I feel there is a lot of false advertising and I remember years ago an ad that showed a child in a high chair eating an apple.  When her mother offered her some kind of 'health' bar the child threw the apple on the floor and grabbed the bar.  I reported that to the 'powers that be' who replied that the child could be seen eating a health bar which would be good for her.  I am sure that same health bar would be full of fat and sugar....but that's modern times for you.  I prefer an apple every time.
The one that really gets my goat these days is for Panadol Osteo.   Now I have suffered arthritis in one place or another since I was about 22 and it wasn't until it got really bad perhaps 10-15 years back that I even considered taking anything in the way of pain killers.   I can't use NSAIDs as not only do they upset my stomach, and I was told when I telephoned the manufacturers of Voltaren that, if possible, they should never be taken and, if they were, then never for more than a week (two at the most) at any one time.  The gentleman I spoke to also told me they can also cause heart problems.

Long story a little shorter.   Several years ago I decided I would take Panadol Osteo regularly. Recently I had seen health warnings about not taking too much paracetamol for adults or children so  I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to have a break from them which is what I did.  That was about 5 weeks ago and do you know I have no more pain now than when I was taking 6 tablets a day and, in fact, it's almost as though the pain is a little less!!   Except for my back!!!  This really does have me thinking. 

Strangely enough, should Phil need a pain killer, he can take my panadol and it works for him.  My only thought is my body had become so used to them they had become useless.

Fortunately our family all seem to be on the road to recovery.   K's dizzy turns are almost over and B has stopped flying all over the countryside so they are both a little more settled.  Granddaughter C has been home from hospital for a week and is on the mend and is thankful she has put that scary few days behind her.  Great for her that there will be no more gall bladder attacks.

Our weather is still on the coolish side which is fine by me.  I had to laugh the other day though.  Our rain gauge had fallen over a few years ago and was put to one side.  From time to time I mentioned to Phil it would be good to set it up again and the other day he said to come and look in the back garden and there it was....the rain gauge set up again.  Only took about 4 years but I feel he may have upset the weather gods as we've not had a drop of rain since and there is little on the horizon from what I can see on the forecast.  Oh dear!!  What has he done?

Hope your weekend goes well for you.  (*:*)


  1. I am quite certain you are right about the 'health' bar. An apple is much better. And cheaper. Sigh.
    I am glad that the health issues for most of your family are fading. And yes, I suspect that your body had adapted to the osteo panadol and was ignoring them. I am sorry - but glad that the pain is no worse without them.

    1. If fresh fruit is available why eat something with so many additives?
      I think I will try the panadol again in a week or so and see if there really is any difference.
      Karen tells me the dizzy spells seem to be over thank goodness but she is very busy at work.

  2. Good to hear all the family is better than previously, that makes me smile.
    The ad that currently makes me laugh is the one for Colgate Total toothpaste, where a young man with 'whiter than white' teeth is brushing and a voice says 80% of the germs in your mouth aren't on your teeth, they are on the tongue, gums and inner cheeks. So his current toothpaste is useless and she recommends brushing with Colgate Total. Which won't have any more effect than his current toothpaste UNLESS he also brushes his gums, tongue and inner cheeks, none of which is mentioned of course. Anyway, isn't that what mouthwash is for? Swish it around inside your mouth for thirty seconds to kill 99% of germs, gargle with it to kill germs in throat as well.

    1. Yes, it is a relief when my family are all feeling good.
      I agree with what you say about the Colgate ad. So many of them are quite ridiculous these days and seldom tell the whole truth.

  3. P.S. my kids ate apples, health bars hadn't been invented then, thank goodness. I wish I'd taken a photo of my ten month old, toothless daughter gnawing at an apple while sitting in her pram, but that was 1973 and we were walking home from the shops at the time.

    1. If I remember correctly we were supposed to give a piece of apple wrapped in muslin although not sure I ever went that far. I think it was also suggested a piece of raw meat in muslin but thought that not a good idea.