Saturday, October 1, 2016


I am really beginning to wonder what is going on with the world's weather.  They say it is all caused by climate change and I accept that mankind is responsible for much of the global warming but is there more to it I wonder.  We have had an exceptionally cold September in WA and particularly in Perth and down south.  Even had a light snowfall down south on the Stirling Ranges which very seldom happens even in winter.  We have had few days about 20C (68F) although next week one day is forecast to be 23C (73F).  I am not complaining as I enjoy the winter but it won't be good for sales of summer clothing and these days shops need customers more than ever before.

Some dreadful weather travelled over to South Australia and the entire state was without power as a powerful tornado wrecked part of the power system and their was damage to houses with trees down and roads flooded.   I can't image what it must have been like trying to drive home from work with water everywhere and no street lights or traffic lights working.  Fortunately it seems no lives were lost.   River will have told you all about on her post so will say no more about that.

This afternoon Phil and I are travelling down to Kwinana to watch our 8-year-old dancing.  It is a concert of ballet and although I did go to a concert with my daughter last year, Phil has not seen the youngster dance.  It means leaving home early afternoon but I am sure it will be worth doing so.  K would probably be going if she were not in the US so the great-grandparents will be in the audience for a change this time.  This is a group Immy was dancing in recently and they won second prize.

Phil visited the dentist yesterday and his mouth has healed nicely, even though the stitch fell out on the second day after the tooth was extracted and the lump on his gum has almost disappeared.  I feel the time may have come when Phil will have to seriously think about a partial top plate but I am sure the dentist will pursue that option eventually.  He has an appointment in a month for them to check the gum is healing OK.   I can't remember them being concerned about osteoporosis before but they apparently want to keep checking that all is OK.  I guess one should never be sorry that care is being shown a patient.

K and her hubby still appear to be enjoying themselves in New Jersey and seeing lots of different places.  They will help Beth celebrate her birthday on Monday which will be very special for all of them.  I gave K a card with a little something enclosed so she can give it to Beth from us on the day.  It is so difficult to buy for or send anything to the US that I usually only settle for sending an E-card but this time she will get something personal from us.

Phil was very good for 3 or 4 days and did the cooking and some of the cleaning up.  I think it has been good for my back to have a rest as it really does hurt when I stand for any length of time and for the life of my I just can't seem to prepare meals, vegies etc. sitting down.  I guess I will have to learn to do so before too long but our kitchen isn't really suited to using a stool and I find it difficult when sitting at the table.  Seems this old dog may soon have to learn new tricks though.


  1. Hari OM
    It has all been topsy turvy up this end too... true, 'civilisation' has contributed to speeding certain climatic change, but the truth is the planet has always - and will always - be in a process of change in this regard. Rather than rage against it, the human species would do well to learn to flow with it. Adaptation is what got us this far after all!

    Glad to hear Phil on the up and feeling like playing chef. I know what you mean about sitting and preparing - goes against the grain somehow!

    Hope the show was a joy. YAM xx

  2. I hope the show is wonderful - and am so pleased to hear that Phil's mouth is healing.
    The weather is just plain weird isn't it? Wet here. Which I welcome.

  3. The weather changes all the time, I never realized it until my memory 'banks' had recorded all these years. Today the high seems to have been 18C. I'm not used to that yet after the heat of summer. I'm sitting here in a light jacket.

    Cute picture of the little girls! Last years? I hope you enjoy your evening watching the girls dance.

  4. Crazy weather all over.
    Nothing worse than a sore mouth hope he is better soon.

  5. The weather seems to be odd and out of kilter everywhere. You sound as busy as ever - I hope you enjoy the concert. Little girls dancing - ahhh!

  6. ..hi Mimsie..... glad to hear Phil is healing well...
    ..sorry your back is playing up.... resting will help as you say...
    .. as for the weather.. it's been changing for many years now... and I think it's a real concern for us all.... Barb xxxx