Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TUESDAY CHAT (running very late)

Was too tired last night to even think about writing and slept in this morning so here it is mid-afternoon!!

Public holiday in Western Australia yesterday.  It was W.A. Day (or Western Australia Day as some people prefer to call it) or Foundation Day as it was previously known as.  It is held to celebrate the founding of the Swan River Colony back in 1829.

Quietish week most of the time for us.   We were delighted to learn that our 8-year-old #2 great-granddaughter had won four gold medals in the four dancing (ballet) competitions she was in over the long weekend.  One of her dances was a solo performance so really special as she had never danced solo before.  Here she is proudly displaying her four medals.  I have a lovely photo of her proudly displaying her four medals.   We didn't get to see her dance as the competition was held way down in Mandurah and quite early in the morning.  I did get to see her dance last year and it was quite a thrill to see her on the stage with her troup.

#2 granddaughter celebrated her 39th birthday yesterday so we all gathered at daughter and son-in-law's home for afternoon tea.   Another great family get-together.  It is a pity that our grandson always works on weekends so we don't get to see him as often as we'd like to.

We've had some wonderful rain over the past week and fortunately nothing like our eastern states cousins had with dreadful flooding and loss of life.   The far north of our state also had some flooding but that is normal for up that way.  There is a weather warning current for the south-west of W.A. so hopefully all will be well down there and no damage will be done.


  1. Someday I hope you can share the photo of your proud great grand-daughter.
    I am glad that you had another family gathering too.
    We got lots of rain. Welcome rain. And little damage, unlike poor Sydney. One life lost though. Always a tragedy.

  2. Happy Birthday to grand daughter and congratulations to great grand daughter. How nice to have another family get together. And I'm glad you're getting some decent rain at last. We're quite wet here too, but no flooding. Yet. I remember going to see my grandchildren at their yearly ballet concerts.