Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Is it worth even doing a chat today I wondered and decided it was probably not but here goes anyway.

I have decided that where we live is destined to dry out before surrounding areas.   There has been rain in Perth but at our place, very little.   I checked the BOM website this morning and the 24 hour rainfall was widespread but would you believe that where we live was devoid of any rainfall?  We seem destined to keep watering out garden while others are complaining about too much rain!!  At least the days are cooling down at last so have to be thankful for small mercies, as my mum used to say.  My frangipani are still flowering and this is a picture of my Classic White, so lovely.

Speaking of mum, on 15th April it will be 119 years since she was born in London, England.  It is now 31 years since she departed this mortal coil but it seems it was only yesterday.  She is still so very much with me every day and I am sure I still do things of which she would disapprove.  She was just so much cleverer than I will ever be.

Youngest great-granddaughter will be celebrating her 4th birthday towards the end of April so I am hoping this will mean another family gathering.  We've not heard from or seen them since Easter and I do miss them so much.  I know how busy they all are and must not expect anything else from them but......sometimes you can't help it.

I know there is nothing much of interest here but I needed to write something just to keep in touch so forgive me if it is all a little jumbled, a little like my old brain at times.


  1. I'm thinking now of the difference between your mother and mine. I don't recall learning much from my mum, she left home when I was young. We never got on all that well when I later went to live with her because there was a job available for me in her town. After all the years apart she suddenly wanted to be "mum" and I couldn't do that for her. I probably could have tried harder, but that's hindsight. She died 12 years ago this June and I haven't missed her at all. I do wish now that she hadn't taken so many secrets to her grave with regard to family matters and who belongs to who.

    1. My daughter over the years has had problems with her father wanting to be 'dad' later in her life. She still find it difficult but tries her best. He was never very kind to her when she was a child and that is hard to forget and maybe forgive.
      My two 'parents' were strict because they loved me so much but you have to remember I was their 'special child' and they really wanted me so much.
      I feel saddened for you River that you don't have happy childhood memories of your mum.

  2. Sadly I am with River. My mother made life difficult. For herself and for others. And the lies she told can never be answered now.
    We live in a rain shadow too. It can be raining all round - but not here.

    1. EC I feel sadness for you too that your memories of your mother are not good.
      Actually my mum told me two lies but I feel she was only trying to protect me. She told me my birth mother had been an alcoholic and had died when your. Evelyn Maud was not an alcoholic and died in her 80s after I had been fortunate enough to make her acquaintance by telephone. I feel mum felt there was a stigma associated with adoption.
      Seems we'd both better do rain dances to encourage to rain to fall where we are. :)

  3. Hari Om
    I was blessed with one of those mothers one reads about in fiction - but there was nothing unreal about her! A sold as the rocks of the Cairngorms, as warm as the tropical seas, strict without cruelty, she is surely missed, but not mourned. She wouldn't want 'wallowing'. "Get on with life whatever it throws up" was what she lived by and passed on to her children.

    I do hope that you have that contact you desire of your family - and some decent rain! If I could only invent the Great Global Syphon to pass on some of this Scottish 'sop'... and Mimsie - we are interested in YOU, so never apologise for your posts!!! Huggies, YAM xx