Sunday, April 17, 2016


Was looking through my Laurel and Gold poetry book the other day and I came across this delightful little poem.  I was born in Australia but some of my ancestors were English and, of course, Phil was born in England so I felt it quite appropriate that I share it with others.

LETTY'S GLOBE by Charles Tennyson Turner

 When Letty had scarce passed her third glad year,
And her young, artless words began to flow,
One day we gave the child a coloured sphere
Of the wide earth that she might mark and know,
By tint and outline all its seas and land.
She patted all the world; old empires peeped
Between her baby fingers; her soft hand
Was welcome at all frontiers. How she leaped,
And laughed, and prattled in her world-wide bliss;
On our own isle, she raised a joyous cry,
"Oh! yes, I see it; Letty's home is there!"
And, while she hid all England with a kiss,
Bright over Europe fell her golden hair.


  1. And now the territory claimed by her country has diminished markedly...

    1. is the case for so many countries who expanded their empires in days gone by. One can only hope they all did some good whilst there altho' one fears it was not all good.

  2. That's very sweet. I've always wanted a globe, but we made do with atlases and jigsaw puzzles.

  3. Hari Om
    Oh yes England, the place which first smothered its neighbours and 'united' them then attempted the same on the world...This is a good read for history buffs. It epitomises the sentiment shown in this poem. I can't help thinking Trump is of the same ilk!

    Now on sweeter thoughts - thank you for your marathon visit to my place Mims!!! Your comments come through as 'no reply' however, so am unable to answer some thoughts directly... most notably that I can forward templates of my mandalas to you for printing off but I need your email! If you would like them, do please use this contact form to drop me a line and then I will have your e-address... re the autism; I think that there are definitely more cases of the genuine disorder... however, am also wary of some of the diagnosis as now any kid who shows any kind of defiance tends to be put on Ritulin and 'labeled'. Tricky stuff.

    As for the 'muzzles'... no they are not! They are 'gentle leaders' - an alternative to wearing full body style - they are great for keeping lively dogs focused without the dangers or hurts of the 'choke chain'! You mention Turk street dogs on another comment - actually, that film was putting a 'shiny light' on things and both cats and dogs there are a problem. Here is another great read for you.

    ...don't say I don't keep ya busy!!! &*<> Huggies, YAM xx

  4. Oh! I love that. Very sweet!