Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I am breaking my normal rule here and popping in two short stories on one page.

Excerpt from 'THE CLOCK OF TIME' by Gertrude Ruston.  (pp 193-194)


The Australian Council of Social Service sent us literature concerning a service to assist civilian widows which they were endeavouring to establish in the various states.

The proposed organisation was called "BIRTHRIGHT", and its aims and objects were similar to those of "LEGACY" which does so much to help ex-service widows.

We tried to interested men's service clubs in this very necessary effort which was specifically designed to help widows with growing sons in need of a man's guidance, or women living alone through any circumstances.

Members of Perth Rotary Club expressed an interest and agreed there was a definite need, but we found it impossible to arouse any enthusiasm, although we spent much time in calling meetings and distributing literature.  We were even told that some of the wives of service club members might object to their husbands becoming involved with widows!

We were becoming very discouraged when, to our great delight, a direct approach was made to a group of men in Perth by members of BIRTHRIGHT in the Eastern States.  They approached us on the matter and stated that they were willing to endeavour to establish it in W.A. and we were very pleased to hand this very necessary organisation over to them.

We understand that BIRTHRIGHT still has its growing pains but it is proving valuable, and has a definite role in the community.

BIRTHRIGHT now uses our Children's Holiday Assocation for the benefit of children of widows it is helping.

Another approach that was made to me was to form a committee to start an organisation called "RECOVERY" in Western Australia, the aims of which were to assist people concerned with drugs, mental breakdowns and so on.

I realised that I personally was fully committed and therefore approached Mr George Smith, Social Worker with the Churches of Christ if he would take it over

He agreed and went into the matter with drug addiction very thoroughly, even going overseas and mingling with drug addicts in order to understand their plight.  He it was who developed the organisation known here as "GROW", and there are now many branches in Western Australia doing excellent work.  As always, it is being frustrated we understand, by lack of finance.


  1. Hari OM
    Snippets like this work well on the same page Mimsie... the rules are entirely your own! Good to read that even when not directly involved, mother was a 'directory', enabling others. YAM xx

    1. I think she always did her best to help whatever organisation or cause she felt was deserving of that help. xx

  2. Both very worthwhile organisations.

    1. Yes, they were and hopefully all went well with both of them.