Thursday, March 19, 2015


My Precious was so camera shy that when I turned my digital camera on Precious would either run outside if the door was available or slip under my bed.  I couldn't hear a sound and there was no real movement but that cat could hear something and for some reason it terrified her when she got older.

My daughter did manage to take a lovely photo of Precious when she (kakka) got her new camera I think for her birthday but that was nearly 10 years ago and since then I think I've jagged about 2 pictures of Precious, this being one of the better ones I managed to sneak one day and yes, she was beautiful and we still miss her like crazy.

On the other hand we now have a cat that seems to enjoy being photographed and even poses for me:

You can take her from any angle:

or when she's having a drink which she only does from a tap (or even out of a glass or cup) if at all possible (she avoids her water bowl in favour of a tap every time):

or having a nap on the windowsill in my work room:

or being energetic and exploring my cupboards:

and then, last week, after she'd been to the vet and was wearing a collar to stop her licking her wounds she hopped up on my desk looking for sympathy which she got of course.   We think it was a cat fight that gave her two nasty wounds on her front legs plus a couple of minor ones in other places.  The vet treated the two main wounds, gave her both a pain and an antibiotic injections and gave Phil some pain killing medicine (which she didn't seem to need after day 2) and some antibiotic tablets which we won't talk about.  Had to crush a quarter tablet each time and mix it in her wet food and hope she'd eat it all.  She did most times and the fact that the wounds have healed, she is eating and drinking and playing and sleeping normally tells us she is 100% OK.  Yes, I know there are ways of giving a cat a tablet and years ago I was a past master at it but I think now Phil and I are just to old without the strength to do it.  

We now do not let her out at first light and she is learning to wait until one of us is up and about and we can check the back yard and be available if anything untoward should occur.  It is very seldom that we see other cats in our back garden but occasionally they use our front garden as a thoroughfare from one house to another.  Maybe it was one of them that Candy took a dislike to, but I think it more likely a cat got her cornered as she usually runs from trouble rather than go looking for.

Candy has not taken the place of Precious as she is so totally different so we can still miss Precious and yet love Candy at the same time.  She is faithful, gentle and lots of fun.  She is fearless of most things and sounds, and is gradually taking over and becoming the ruler in our home, but then that is natural 'cos, after all, she is a cat.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh Candy Cat, so glad you got a post outta your mumma today... though very sorry to hear it is beclaws you got beaten up. That's no good at all young lady! Take all your meds nicely now.

    You might enjoy visiting a very good catpal of mine called Madi, who has her furry own blog! I just know you will like her because she does a lot of the things you do and knows how to train her 'help' as well - as demonstrated in that link I just gave &*>

    I think you should work on 'mum' and get at least one whole post to yourself each week - even if it is just to show off your beautiful furs and poses!!! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

    (pee ess; cuz you're new to visiting my page, you may not know that I am the Officer for Wellness and Concerns in Blogville, a petblog community, where much fun and merriment is had by all - and we have POTP...power of the paw... in which we pray for those who are sick or injured. You are now included on my list!!! Yxx)

    1. Candy to Yam. I am glad you enjoyed my pictures. I am rather special or so my folks keep telling me.
      I will definitely visit Madi and check her out.
      Perhaps my mum will take more pics but perhaps not quite once a week, monthly maybe.
      I saw a cat on your blog the other day that I think is my twin. First of all I thought it was me but of course it couldn't be because I live in Australia. ooox

  2. She's very pretty and how nice that she will let you take pictures. Hope she heals up soon...those collars are really not a fashion statement.

    1. Thank you Delores. Oh come now. I thought she looked rather glamorous with that collar....well perhaps not!!

  3. Isn't it fascinating the way some cats love the camera, and others hide every time.
    Jazz falls into the former category and Jewel into the second (where I join her).
    Love that Candy's wounds have healed, and she has been able to leave the cone of shame behind.

    1. Henry never minded having his picture taken but then Henry didn't really mind anything. He' just sort of sit and look at you.
      That Elizabethan collar quite suited her I thought but although she took it in her stride she was very glad to be rid of it.
      She has to go back for her vaccinations at end of April so vet could have a quick check then but I am sure all is well.

  4. She certainly is beautiful. Sorry to hear she got injured in a fight. i worry about that with Angel which is why I'm as determined to keep him in as he is to get out. He's mostly used to staying in now, but sometimes I see that he wishes he could be out there.
    Glad to hear Candy ate most of the antibiotics.
    Love that photo of Precious.

    1. We knew Candy was an outdoor cat so it didn't seem fair to make her stay in all the time. She now stays out (or near the house) most of the day from about 9-6 and sleeps in in the morning now. Didn't take her long to learn the new routine. We are still adding bits of antibiotics to her wet food in the hope they will continue to work and make absolutely sure all is well with her.
      Both cats were/are beautiful in their own special way.

  5. P.S. those orange and brown curtains took me right back to the 70s

    1. This was my son's bedroom and as he was colour blind I thought perhaps some bright colours would be good and then of course I realised red and green were not good colours for him so perhaps it all looked to be brown. He didn't complain though and as they are lined and in good nick I've left them here.