Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Firstly I must apologise for being somewhat tardy of late.  I only need to have a few various appointments,  have time out and about, and it rather jiggers me up for a few days.  I will endeavour to get back into gear soon.

Apart from medical, dental appointments, Phil and I had rather a lot on last week, so let me explain.  We don't visit zoos or beautiful parks and take pics of animals and birds so what do we do?  We pay our annual visit to our optometrist.  Oh, what an exciting life we two lead.  This time we headed eastwards to Kelmscott which happens to be the suburb in which our daughter and her hubby live as well as #2 granddaughter with her daughter, who incidentally celebrated her 18th birthday on the 4th September. 

It was, in fact, our daughter that recommended we see this optometrist as she and her children had been to him over the years and she still goes there for all her optical needs.  He is quite expensive but I feel our eyes are very important and he never fails to be caring, is never in a rush and will answer all your questions and makes sure you receive the best attention possible.

This is the front of his premises with the caption on the window that reads 'EYE CARE FOR YOU" which I feel says it all:

I had my eyes tested and it was discovered the sight in my left eye had deteriorated so a big decision.  I want to see as well as possible and it seemed silly to have new lens made for my old specs so I decided to spend a small fortune on a new pair of glasses.  Our state government pays us $50 every two years towards spectacles and HBF (private health insurance) will also pay as well, but a pittance when you think of their yearly premium.  Anyway I paid a deposit of $500 and of course had to choose new frames and there was a really great selection:

I finally decided on a pair I liked and which felt right and then sat at the little table on the right of the picture to have the optometrist fit them and make sure the multi-focals would fit OK.  I also have them darken when in sunlight as I my eyes don't like the glare.  Mr P didn't think Phil's specs needed any change and to come back in 12 months so little expense there as Medicare covers most of the cost of the eye examination.

It is a 45-50 minute drive from our place to here so I had deliberately made our appointment for 11.30 as I knew it would probably take well over an hour until all the business with the optometrist was done and we could pop over to the shopping centre opposite to have a snack.  There is a really nice shop which sells pies, bread, cakes etc and we opted for steak and mushroom pie and a cup of coffee each.  The pies were delicious with real steak and lots of mushroom too.  The cakes looked so tempting but we were both very good and decided a pie for lunch would suffice so didn't succumb to temptation.  This is the shop and while I was sitting eating I took the picture looking down the mall.  It is only a small shopping centre (there is a Coles but IGA has closed down):

After we'd finished eating we headed back to the car but I then remembered Father's Day on Sunday so stopped at a florist of all places to buy some greeting cards and oh yes, an anniversary card as we celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary on the 16th.  I also bought a few birthday cards to send to friends later in the year.   I get out so seldom I need to stock up when I get the chance.

Phil very kindly told me to wait while he drove the car round to pick me (one way thoroughfares you see) and although I was grateful for him doing so I thought my back was going to give out on me but I leaned against a post (hope I didn't look dreadful doing that but had no choice).  Fortunately he was very quick but while waiting, to take my mind of me, I took this photo looking down the driveway and across to where you can see part of the Darling Range in the distance.  Kelmscott and surrounds are actually in the foothills of the Ranges:

We then drove around to Albany Highway (which is a very long road that runs from Perth right down to Albany on the south coast of W.A.) and we actually found the correct turn to get us back on to Tonkin Highway for the long haul home.  As this is not our normal stamping ground we've missed the turning in the past but this time were determined to get it right:

Tonkin Highway runs across the bridge you can see in the picture and we have to turn right from Albany Highway and around a hairpin bend so we can then head left (south) down the highway.  At last we have it down pat so will know in future which way to go.  Here we join Tonkin Highway:

and to the left you can see the Darling Ranges (or Darling scarp) in the distance.  This would once have been a huge mountain range which has, over the centuries, been worn down by weathering.  I really loved the cloud patterns in the sky that day.  Looked to be very windy up there:

After a couple of sets of traffic lights we turn right and head west and homewards:

Over the years a couple of what you might call mansions have been built along Forrest Road.  This one is relatively new and it is seldom, if at all, we've seen signs of life here although there does appear to be some lawn and perhaps some gardening done.  Difficult to see through the closed iron gate.  Not that I'm a sticky beak (perish the thought) but it took so long to build and seems strange there is little sign of life there.

This mansion has been here for some years (there was a story once that because it was built in swampy ground it was gradually sinking but it still looks pretty substantial).  There is a smaller, single storey, house next to it and beyond that again a huge chook (hen) house so it would seem there money was made from chickens and eggs.   They also had emus which seems to have almost disappeared and last week I noticed there were goats in the field as well.   This dwelling is very impressive when seen my passing motorists and, as you can see, it is well inhabited:

As we neared home we drove through what is now Cockburn Central where there is a railway station, and a HUGE shopping centre called Gateways.  It is so big, and being extended, that most people I've spoken to hate going there as parking is a problem.  As for me, it is so big that even using my walker I am unable to walk through all of it.  If I tried to do so I think I may have to stop for a rest at least half a dozen times.

Near the railway station there are being built a large number of these blocks of apartments.  Phil always makes the comment as we pass by that it reminds him of East Germany where, after the war, the communists built dozens and dozens of apartment buildings.  We only hope that there is good upkeep here as it would be a great shame if it began to look rundown as was the case with some State Housing Commission blocks of flats in various areas some years ago.

Finally, after being out for about 4 hours, we arrived home and I collapsed on a chair on the front verandah and admired these beautiful azaleas in full flower.  Those dark pink blooms at the back belong to the pale pink azalea on the right.  It throws different coloured flowers each year:

While admiring the azaleas I noticed several large weeds growing in the garden at the end of the verandah so called on a weary hubby to "please pull them up before they go to seed" and he did and here you can see the top of his head as he bends down to pull weeds.  He is wonderful isn't he do to as I asked after all the driving he'd done during the day.  He may have some faults but I'd not give him up for anything.  Those are pansies in the hanging baskets and EC and River, if you look very closely you can see my solar spinner hanging just above the pansies.

That all happened last Friday and then on Saturday after watching the AFL football (our team unfortunately lost but play again this Saturday so fingers crossed for a win) it was a quick trip to Big W to buy some wool (we still call it that even though it is synthetic) to finish a crochet rug I'm doing and also to buy presents for Father's Day.  I always give Phil a gift, and also my son-in-law and grandson-in-law a small gift each just to say thank you for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren they have helped bring into our lives.

On Sunday we drove up to Kelmscott to our daughter and son-in-law's home for afternoon tea where we were joined by #2 granddaughter and her daughter, and #1 granddaughter and her hubby and their two little girls.  Although it was showery on an off we were quite dry under the very large patio they have at the back of their house and they had the large gas heater on as well.  We were also celebrating #1 great-granddaughter's 18th birthday with a really rich chocolate cake (I think they are called mud cakes?) and of course sang "Happy Birthday" as she blew out the candles.  All in all a very pleasant afternoon.

After those three successive busy days it took me a couple of days to recover.  This afternoon I am off to see Dr Ken for a Vitamin B12 injection.  I have one each month for three months and then a break of three months and so on.  Tomorrow our cleaning lady will be here for an hour and then a few days quiet for me to fully recover before at least 3 appointments next cuts (both of us), our endocrinologist (both of us) and me back to the dentist to see if he can doing something about this bottom denture of mine that just hurts too much to wear for long.

I never complain about aging for I am ever thankful I've (we've) been granted these extra years above our three score and ten but sometimes it becomes a bit daunting.  No matter, I intend to keep on keeping on as long as I can so you're not done with me yet.  I am not sure about continuing with "Telling it on Tuesday" as our life became quite commonplace for many years but leave it with me and I'll see if I can find anything that sounds interesting enough to share with you.

I do hope everyone is keeping as well as possible and, wherever you may be, your life is continuing to your satisfaction.  


  1. Oh Mimsie. I got tired just reading about all you have been up to over the last week or so.
    Those weeks knock the stuffing out of me too.
    We will welcome you whenever you are ready to visit - in the meantime look after yourselves.
    And I LOVED those cloud shots. And your azaleas. I have a brown thumb where azaleas are concerned.

    1. More business next week as well and probably a trip to collect (and pay balance) for my new specs so another lunch out etc etc.
      I hadn't really noticed the clouds till I saw the photos and thought them worth mentioning.
      I am amazed you don't have success with azaleas as you seem to have success with everything in your garden. We can't grow them in a garden bed because too much lime in the soil but they do OK in large pots.

  2. Mimsie I too was exhausted hearing about your week. It sounds like all is going pretty good for you and Phil. He is a darling though, truly!
    And what about you! Obviously tired and in pain but ever the intrepid blogger and you got some great photos for us to see these areas.
    and Mimsie dear, I'm sure we shall all have you for a long long time yet!

    1. Thanks Rose for your very kind words.
      Yes, Phil is rather special and I'm hanging on to him as long as I can.
      I am inspired by the comments I receive so will be around for a while yet if possible.

  3. My goodness, you and Phil certainly have been busy! I hope your new glasses are satisfactory, I need new ones but I'm put off by the cost. There is a limited selection of what suits my face and I have to like them too of course.
    I really love the cloud patterns along the highway, the area around Kelmscott certainly is pretty. I hope it stays that way and doesn't get built up with wall to wall houses.
    As for those mansions, I used to want one, now all I can think of is the cleaning and maintenance required for such a large home. Not for me, not anymore. I wonder if the newer one is so often deserted because the owners are working long hours, perhaps 6 days a week to make the payments on it.

    1. I too have problems with specs that fit my face. I have a flattish nose so must have specs with nose pieces or they slip off and I think I have one ear slightly higher than the other.
      Kelmscott does have houses up into the hills but there are large parts of the ranges still quite pristine.
      I lived in an old two storey house for 10 years so never want stairs again (I cant' do them now anyway) and even with the large modern homes I still prefer something simple.
      I do wonder with the very low interest rates now whether people are going to get themselves into trouble borrowing too much. What happens when the rates go up again, which I am sure they eventually will.

  4. Replies
    1. So do I and they were rather special.

  5. you do indeed have a winner of a lad there lol

  6. Hari Om
    Wow Mimsie - I too needed a cuppa after all that! You'll be buzzing once the vit B is in and ready for more of the same. The cost of the glasses is enough to make you faint; I found a good optomotrist whilst in Mumbai and made a point of buying three pairs before I left last year - which came to the same cost as one pair in OZ.

    The drive home certainly gave some wonderful photographs - the clouds are spectacular.

    Take care, YAM xx

    1. Busy again next week too so will need more rest ups too.
      You were fortunate buying your specs in Mumbai and saving yourself so much money. I know this guy is expensive but he is good and my eyes are important to me.
      Those clouds were well worth seeing, so pretty xx