Thursday, December 19, 2013


"When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I'm old, I admire kind people".  Abraham Joshua Heschel.

Today is the day of the week when I endeavour to find something that has been 'right' in my day.  It was a bit difficult to do so as the internet kept dropping in and out (OK right now thank goodness) and then mid-afternoon when performing a simple task like putting Phil's washed shirts on coat hangers I had this most frightful pain in the middle of my upper back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade.  It even hurt to breathe and still does (4 hours later).  Dencorub and a good massage relieved it somewhat so I could at least breathe normally (but not too deeply).

I then had a shower and set off with Phil to visit our daughter (I think most of you know who she is) in St John's Murdoch where she recovering from a knee replacement op 2 days ago.  It was then that I realised there was something so 'right' in my day today.  K is tired but is doing so well and managing the exercises set for her and is up and walking and showering and everything she is supposed to do.

 So for me a big smile after all.  Why should I worry about an aching back when there was my girl looking so cheerful after such a big operation.  She means so much to me and she is off home on Saturday and has a wonderful husband who will be home with her and that also makes me feel so happy.   They are so good together.

 After a not a good start to my day something so very right came along to cheer me up after all.  No matter how bad things seem you can always find a silver lining somewhere if you look for it.

P.S.  My usual physiotherapist doesn't work on Fridays but Norma (who was the other physio I occasionally used to see) is now working part-time where Jenny is and when I rang this afternoon she has a vacancy at 11 a.m. in the morning so I am hoping she may be able to find what is causing this ridiculous pain that I've not had before.

Hope there was something 'right' in your day as well.  We all need that to happen on a daily basis if at all possible.


  1. All it takes is one wrong move to make us hurt....hope Norma can unkink you in time for Christmas. What is 'right' in my day.......we are expecting freezing rain but we have everything we need right need to go out in it.

    1. Thanks Delores and Norma did wonders for me and I can now breathe normally but no big sighs yet. Have exercises to do and may see her on Monday (will cancel if all seems OK).
      Not sure I like the sound of freezing rain (sleet?) so keep dry and warm and enjoy being cosy indoors.

  2. I love it. Please give K my love.
    And I really, really hope that Norma can give you relief. Rather a lot of it.

    1. Thanks EC and have passed on your message to K. She rang this afternoon and her knee is doing really well. She is going home tomorrow morning and B will be home with her until the New Year which pleases me no end.
      Lots of relief and as I have very dense bones she was relieved that the possibility of vertebrae fracture seemed unlikely. She worked hard and it hurt but the result is amazingly good so with rest and exercise and massage (she showed Phil how) hopefully this problem has been solved.

  3. Glad you found something right in your day and glad too that K is coping well after the surgery. I really hate sudden pain that appears for no reason. Hope the physio helps.

    1. I just sent you a rather long email which explains most of the above. Incidentally, when I told Norma what I had been doing she said just leaning forward on an odd angle would be enough to cause what happened. Can't sit still forever though but just have to be more careful I guess.

  4. Hari Om
    Crikey, Mimsie, go careful ol' gal!!! The body does go off on it's own tangent once we hit these later years though, what?! Glad the physio has helped - and that your daughter's op is proving worthwhile. Definitely something to smile about.

    On Thursday I had a lovely lunch with my father, for which i am grateful - and i agree, finding a moment for gratitude in each day is a great thing to do. Wishing you continued healing. YAM xx

  5. Thanks Yam and so glad you spent more precious time with your dad.
    Hope the weather is still being relatively mild and you are keeping warm.
    K is going home today and according to her post on Facebook she will be so glad to her in her own bed. She says the people in the hospital are wonderful and the food is good but she is so tired.
    My upper back is feeling not too bad this morning so am hoping with more exercise and massage I won't need further physio.
    This poor body of mine has been going downhill since I was 22 so I'm doing quite good considering another 60 years wear. xxx