Sunday, October 13, 2013

V is for VASSE (a new town)

Vasse to me is not a town, or rather it wasn't but more an 'area' between Busselton and Dunsborough which we drove through from time to time going from here to there or somewhere else, and occasionally stopping to buy delicious fish and chips.  It is 240 kilometres (149 miles) south of Perth and 10 km (6 ml) west of Busselton.

It appears that Vasse now is a town, a new one so I thought I'd share with you some of the descriptions and photos I found on the website:


Vasse has been acknowledged as the region's most acclaimed residential development.  Attracted by its close proximity to beaches, local shops, schools, the Busselton airport and gateway to the Margaret River region, Vasse is the ideal place for young couples, families and frequent flyers to create their homes.  With the serene, natural surroundings offering a safe, convenient and family-oriented neighbourhood, many people are finding Vasse the ideal place to retire to.  With more and more people choosing the attractive Vasse lifestyle. you can see why living or investing in property has been embraced by so many.

Selling now; display homes; town centre and lots of open space for everyone:

Now isn't that so very tempting?  A new home in a new town sounds delightful.  It is a beautiful area of Western Australia and if we were younger we may just be tempted.  I notice there is even a planned retirement village.  Something for everyone, young or old.


  1. Proximity to an airport wouldn't tempt me. It does sound good though, do you know anyone who has been there?

  2. I'll ask family who may have been through there recently although I feel there may be a bypass road that skirts around that area. It was just a quiet country backwater the last time we were down there which is well over 10 years ago now. It is a truly glorious area of our state. I would love to visit there again but feel it could be a bit far for Phil to drive these days and my driving days are all but over even though I do keep my licence current.

  3. A new home in a new town....if I had enough money, maybe, but I'm looking at the first photo with the display homes there for sale and there's not a tree in sight. A couple of baby trees, but nothing shady. Why do developers have to rip out every tree? If I was to buy there, I'd choose a large block and plant fast growing shade trees at the same time of building the house. The I would plant more permanent shade trees that would replace the fast growers as they died off.

  4. It looks so tidy.

  5. I am beginning to wonder if they are in fact artist's impressions which can these days look so real. I guess it still gives an idea of what the place will look like, minus all rubbish!!