Sunday, July 29, 2012


For many years now MOH and I have taken our daughter to lunch on her birthday, which is 27 July.  We unfortunately missed doing so last year but this year everything went to schedule but we went to a different venue and there were 3 additions to the group which was great.  Our oldest granddaughter and her two little ones came along as well which made it an extra enjoyable experience.

I thought our lass looked so elegant in her black outfit with that beautiful orange scarf.  I am always so proud of the way she looks and even though she is such a busy lady she is still a very large part of my life.

Hopefully we will all be together for her birthday next year and perhaps for several years down the track.  We oldies have to think there is a future ahead of us and this special day each year is one reason we would like to still be here to share it with her.  Glad you had such a happy birthday which extended into Saturday when you had lunch with friends with whom you work.  You deserve it all. xxxx


  1. I should also have mentioned that there are 4 generations of us in this photo which makes it even more special.

  2. That is very special Mimsie. I treasure my four generations photo with my grandfather, dad and my daughter - it's something to rejoice about. Glad you all had a lovely birthday for your beautiful girl (ps; I LOVED seeing you in a photo - my how you and Kakka look alike - love x)

  3. Thanks PPMJ....we were just about to leave the restaurant when I asked MOH to take the pic and I am so glad I did. Those moments are rare and we have to try and remember to take advantage of them so we have treasured memories to keep. I wonder if Kakka thinks she and I look alike? I must ask her....I guess there's something there, maybe.

  4. So special.

    This is my first visit to your blog and i'm enjoying having a look around.

    My gran turned 81 today and we're taking a trip to see her tomorrow. We'll have four generations together too. I'm going to tell her all about your blog. She's a regular facebooker and skyper. . . but i'm not sure that she's ever considered her own blog. Yours just might inspire her!