Sunday, March 20, 2011


That is a good question isn't it? My daughter arrived home today and telephoned (like the wonderful daughter she is) to let us know she is back from the Aussie Bloggers Conference she attended in Sydney. It seems she and her daughter (my #1 granddaughter) had a great time and possibly enjoyed the fact that it was a tad wet over there as we've had virtually no rain in Perth or most of the south-west of our State for months and months.

Anyway while talking to her she asked me why I'd not been blogging lately and I began to ponder that very question. One reason I often fail to blog is I am usually convinced that what I write is a load of nonsense and probably of little interest to anyone in the big world out there. I really began the blog for my own sake so I could air the occasional opinion about something and also to relate a little of my life through the past 79 years. I seem to have 4 followers but that number has not grown at all so should I continue?

Why nothing since 14th December, 2010? The main reason I think is there have bee so many tragedies in the world including firstly those that occurred in our own country with floods and cyclones in Queensland, flooding in Victoria and New South Wales and also in the northern regions of our own state (even as recently last as this past week) and of course the devastating fires where homes were lost about 40 kilometres south of Perth and those in the south-eastern suburbs of Roleystone and Kelmscott (where above daughter lives) when 72 homes were completely destroyed and many more damaged. That was because a very silly man using an angle grinder when there was a total fire ban on who was not taking the usual precautions that are obligatory when using that type of machinery. I feel so sorry for those that lost their homes but also sorry for that particular man who has to live with the memory of the destruction he caused. He apparently is a very well liked resident of the area and I doubt has ever done anything bad in his life before. So thankful there was no loss of life.

On top of all that was the devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand a city which MOH and I fell in love with on our two visits to that beautiful country. The loss of life and property is so tragic and how those people will rebuild their lives is hard to imagine but knowing the Kiwi spirit I am sure they will eventually do so.

Then came the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I know very little of that country or its people (other than we were at war with them back in the 1940s but that event is past history) but we have watched in horror the loss of life and property and the danger they face from the atomic reactors which were damaged.

Totalling all of the above it seems more like a horror movie rather than it all happened in the space of a few months and at times I feel I have been in a state of suspended animation waiting for the next natural disaster to happen. We also of course hear daily of the battles in the Middle East and consequent loss of life and one can only ask "where will it all end"?

My excuse for not blogging this year is a culmination of all the above and our terribly hot summer months with most days for 3 months above 30C (86F) with very warm nights as well. I was fortunate in that my lovely daughter and her family (and MOH's contribution too) paid for and had installed a split level R/C airconditioner in this my little workroom so I have been able to use my computer (no not for blogging) and enjoy the friendship with people on Facebook and play Farm Town which is one of the 'games' on there that I enjoy and share with so many other great folk that I have met there.

Now I have to think about returning to the blogging world but what to write about? I do so very little in my daily life (my outings these days are mostly of the medical kind i.e. this coming week I have two physio appts, an ultrasound of my heart and then a visit to my podiatrist. None of that is of interest to anyone other than myself so will perhaps have to get back to earlier years and chat about little things that happened tome over the years and that type of thing. Just hope that someone, somewhere will find it interesting.


  1. Good to see you back, I know Farmer's Wifey loves your posts because she told me so at the Conference. If you keep the philosophy of not doing this for anyone else but yourself it doesn't matter if you have a lot of followers or commenters. Think of it as a place to write what you want and know that your family, if no one else, can come and find out more about your past. xxx

  2. Thanks sweetheart for encouraging me and Farmer's Wifey too. I was amazed when you passed on what she had said. Once I get going I find it easy to write and yes, I will do it for me and if there is anyone out there that finds anything in what I write to enjoy then so much the better. Glad you had such a great time at the conference but it is always wonderful to have you back home again. xxxx

  3. I am so glad you are back. I have enjoyed reading your posts and I agree that it is sometimes best to write for yourself and how you feel..I certainly do that and also hope someone out there reads it!

    I had the pleasure of meeting your daughter and granddaughter at the conference and am glad Kakka passed on my regards....I shall look for your beautiful writing again x

  4. Thanks so much Wifey...Karen was thrilled to meet you. I still have to get back into the swing of this blog thingie but will keep trying. LOL