Friday, May 14, 2010


It will be one month tomorrow since my last post and for some reason I feel no inclination to write about anything.

Perhaps some people do read my blog but it is obviously not vibrant enough to warrant even one comment, even one that perhaps disagrees with what I have written. I obviously just do not have the knack of putting things that inspire others to comment.

I am not sure I can put into writing all the things that trouble me so not much point in pursuing this endeavour further.

I guess I could go on about this and that but not sure there is much point in doing so.

Feeling a pretty dull and uninteresting person and only the future will tell whether I shall bother further.

This is not a criticism of anyone who may have read my blog but rather a severe criticism of myself as a writer and thinker.

Not being computer literate I do not know how to publish pictures with my blog which I guess would make it (perhaps) more interesting, or not.


  1. I read it and missed your writing. I have also commented, did they not work?

  2. Thanks Amanda for your commitment to this blog and I am very grateful for your interest.
    I know you posted a comment(s) some time ago but nothing has shown for weeks now but I do think there are times when they don't show up even tho ' we think they have done so.
    You have inspired me to try and continue, thanks.

  3. I'm so glad. I really do enjoy reading your posts. I love that you are internet savvy and I'm always interested in the thoughts of those older than I.

  4. I just found your blog and actually thought how beautiful and clear you write. You do put words together in a lovely way and I shall now follow you to make sure you keep on writing....

  5. To Farmers Wife....many thanks and nice to have you along. I am not a match for my daughter of granddaughter both of whom have the true gift of writing but I do what I can and hope that people find it entertaining and at times controversial.

  6. I also make typing errors (poor old arthritic fingers) so sorry I left off the 'y' in your title and also meant of course my daughter OR granddaughter. When one proof read one's own typing errors can be easily missed.

  7. That's no problem, I actually just changed from Farmers Wife to Wifey!!! And I also love your daughters blog...