Saturday, April 4, 2009


Oh, no!!! it happened again. I obviously click somewhere on the keyboard and whooosh!!! the blog has gone. I really must try and sit up straighter and concentrate more.
I am having an issue with bad language being 'out there' so much. I guess it is because I was brought up in a home where nobody swore at all, nor did they drink for that matter. I don't think I ever heard my dad use a swear word and the worst thing my mum said was "jam and plaster" which actually was said instead of "damn and blast it". When I was about 19 mum heard me say 'bugger' when something I was doing was going wrong and the look she gave me meant I didn't say it again : ) (My mum said Dad actually could use bad language and that I had just never heard him when the cows on the farm they had wouldn't go through the gate into the other paddock. She said the air would turn blue so obviously he could control his language at other times and in front of people).
Some of the expletives used on TV, in film and by family and heard occasionally in passing from complete strangers, are getting a little out of hand. My husband and I enjoy a show on ABC on Friday nights and we really like the chap that plays the main character "Rebus" but even in that show the "F" word is heard at least 6-10 times in the hour and worst of all the lady boss who is well groomed, well spoken etc., uses it and it just doesn't sound right coming from her.
I know my grandchildren (admittedly they are all over 25) use that "F" word as well as others but I just wish they would try and control it a little especially when it comes to actually putting it in print.
Now, please don't take me for a "Goody Twoshoes" as I do swear at home and I actually blaspheme (now that is a big admission eh? and I know some people would be horrified with that) but I do try and control when and where I say it and feel I have a good enough command of the English language not to use those words too much in general conversation when at home.
Strange thing about 'blaspheming". I went to a Catholic school for 6 years and I can remember the nuns exclaiming and saying things like "Holy Mary............" etc., which apparently is not considered blasphemy by then and that has always confused me somewhat.
My family will tell me "Oh, you're getting old Mum" or "Grandma", whichever the case may be but if I can control my language why can't others, especially if they know it could offend some people. I am sure that none of my family would have used bad language in front of my mum (their grandma or great-grandma) so why not use that control now.
If I have been watching programmes or films on TV and find bad language being over-used then I turn it off but you can't turn people off apparently. It seems it is part of modern life but some of it appears to be completely gratuitous.....just for the sake of it.
Gee, I've said a mouthful there but it is just something that rankles with me and I can't help feeling that way so my apologies to anyone whose toes I've stepped on as I don't mean any hurt to anyone by what I've said.
Another thing that has been on my mind of late is this....why is that you only hear comment from some people if you happen to do or say something that they don't agree with or don't thnk you should have done? You rarely hear a kind word from those people which is something you could sometimes perhaps do with but step out of line, even innocently, and you will hear all about it. We are all different and I am glad of that as, if we were all the same, what a monotonous old world it would be but, if you are going to have a go at somebody for something done or said, then make sure you also say nice things too when they are warranted. Always remember, it is easier to smile than frown as you use far less facial muscles, so therefore it is much less tiring to smile and smile lines are nicer than frown lines too.
I know that underneath I am a happy person that really enjoys laughing and hopefully I can laugh at myself too. If you saw me you'd probably laugh as well!! No, what I mean is that at times it is difficult to be happy when joints and muscles ache but you do have to try and rise above the pain as much as possible because if it is going to be a constant part of life it can surely get you down and they do say that back pain is associated with depression. I will NOT go down that path and my resolution is not to let it get me down even though there are so many things I cannot do now......thank goodness for such a wonderful husband who can still do those things, albeit more slowly these days.....and wonder will I ever be able to do some of them again. I still refuse to be depressed....I keep telling myself that and hope that it works.
I asked my doctor for a script for Panadol Osteo this week as a friend has told me it works so wonderfully well for her. I have taken 6 tablets since yesterday and I have to admit I've not noticed a lot of decrease in my aches and pains. My friend told me she had also been taking Celebrex but no, it was the Panadol Osteo that was doing the trick. I have strong doubts about that but will persevere for a week or so and keep my fingers crossed that I will improve. According to the information I downloaded (it was information meant for the medical profession) Panadol Osteo works much better than ordinary paracetemol but then I don't find they work very well either. Oh, what a wonderful world it is!!! You have to laugh otherwise you'd cry and I am not going down that path either.


  1. Well Mum, I suppose times change and we don't always have to like the way they change but we have to admit they do. If you don't like reading something that has bad language then stop - just the same as you can turn the TV or radio off. Just as you can say what you like here, it is other people's perogative to use Facebook or their blog the way they like. Is it not? Everyone swears I have even heard you use the F word albeit probably only once or twice, and yes it was in my company and no one elses but still it was used. I also wouldn't use it on my blog but I don't judge anyone else who does I just don't read it. As for family using it around you, I think that rarely happens as we all respect you, although I do remember using it on Friday when visiting - so sorry about that. So the choice really is yours - read it, watch it and hear it or as you point out you do with TV turn it off or stop reading. Although undoubtedly it may pop out of someone's mouth accidently when in your company.

  2. Thank you for your honest comment but quite honestly I do not remember you using the "F" word on Friday and have only ever heard you use it almost in quotes "..." and if I actually used it myself in ordinary conversation then I am sincerely mortified. The "B" words, yes I to do use them but certainly not all the time. As I said in my blog I know "Times there are a'changing" and I have to accept that but don't have to like it. I suppose to me it is a loss of dignity in people that use that type of language constantly...such a pity in who I consider normally are really lovely people.

  3. Ooops, got that wrong!!! I should have said "Times they are a'changing'!!! My a hurry as the Fremantle footy match begins in a few minutes and I'm a devil for punishment.

  4. I can only assume that some of this is in reference to me and what was said on Facebook, and please correct me if I am wrong. I certainly have not taken any offence to what you have said, whether it referred to me or not, this is your blog and you need to say what you feel. This is also how I feel about my facebook page.
    I do not get offended or annoyed at what anyone puts in their own status box. What I don't like is when people comment on my status when they know that is not my point of view whether it is done deliberately or not, hence my reference to your anti daylight savings comments you wrote as a comment on my status and this is the point that you seemed to have missed when I have let you know how I feel. It doesn't bother me at all when it appears in your status because I know that is how you feel about it.
    I swear and so do my friends. When I am around you and most other family I do control it to the occasional "s" word or other such less offensive word. I am not going to change who I really am just in case I offend somebody on my main social network which is Facebook.

  5. No Aimee I was not actually referring entirely to what occurred on Facebook. I don't blame you as I think it is the way Facebook itself is arranged that some of us sometimes see things we'd prefer not to see. I find comments on my home page from people I don't even know. It has been explained to me that I am better off looking at my more private page rather than the home page except for messages re hatchling etc.
    I have you to thank for introducing me to the egg game and have had lots of fun (and frustrration) playing the game.
    You will notice I referred to TV, film and even strangers' language so please don't take what I said so personally. Our age difference contributes to the way we feel about these things and we do have to agree to differ on some things.
    I am now learning to use Facebook in a better way but what I said in this blog still goes as a comment on the modern way of life in general so don't take it quite so personally. I do have older friends who would agree with me.