Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Strange Week To Be Sure

Nothing could be more accurate that the heading on this blog.

Easter came and I saw not one member of my family except my husband and he and I exchanged Easter eggs. I gave him a Lindl 70% dark chocolate egg and he gave me a dark chocolate rabbit and I only ate half when everything went pear shape.

I still don't know what went wrong but my blood pressure shot right up, my heart was beating fast and all in all I felt rather unwell. I rang the wonderful people at the 1800 medical help line after about 30 minutes and, after I spoke to them for a few minutes, I was transferred to the ambulance personnel. They told me to stay on the 'phone and they would be there shortly.

We have rather a narrow driveway so they backed the ambulance in as far as the gateway and they were wonderful the way they cared for me. Eventally I was able to more or less walk to the ambulance and they must have spent at least 15-20 minutes stabilising me, doing tests, etc. before taking off for Fremantle Hospital.

I stayed in the Emergency Department until after midnight when they took me up to the Coronary Care Unit. I had blood tests, ECGs, you name it I had it!!! Had to have bed rest the next day but fortunately could have a shower in the afternoon which made me feel a little more human.

Tuesday...surprise, surpise...."you are going down for an angiogram" and I was so fortunate that the specialist was one I had seen previously and, in fact, had done an angiogram 18 years previously. He is such a delightful chap and he discovered that the old ticker is in pretty good shape for an 'oldie'. Nice to be told that and off I went home that evening. Didn't have time to feel nervous at all but my poor old back suffered having to lie on it and keep rather still for about 3 hours after the procedure.

The conclusion on my part is that I am just a bit of a ratbag that has strange things happen from time to time and as my dear daughter said "just stop worrying about it" which is what I will try to do. May not stop these episodes happening entirely but worry certainly won't help so good all round advice. Thanks : )

Yesterday (15 April) would have been my mum's 112th birthday. My daughter had already put a lovely little post on her own blog with a photo and I added a comment to that to hopefully both compliment and complement that blog.

As I said it was a strange week. Thinking about my mum as I have been doing so much these past two days I just may get around to doing a post about her and perhaps my dad too. Two very interesting people this space.

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