Thursday, December 14, 2017


Firstly, Phil has asked me to say thank you to those of you who wished him a happy birthday.  I think he is still amazed that he has made it this far and says the important thing about his age is that he can still enjoy life and that he is actually here.  I am hoping he will make it to 90 but perhaps one shouldn't look too far ahead.  They do say to be careful of what you wish for.

 CANDY CAT:  Candy has now been with us for over 3 years and she has taken charge and rules the roost.

I will never understand the vagaries of cats and their habits.  For the first year she slept in different places and then took over Phil's bed, sleeping high up the bed in cold weather and at the foot of the bed in summer.   Suddenly, early November this year, she jumped up and went to sleep on my bed and has done so ever since.  Some nights she will wander up to where Phil's head is, look him in the eye as though to say "goodnight" and she is back on my bed.   We are now wondering how long she will keep that up.

She is a cat that always wants to be where we are and in that way seems more like a dog.  I'd always wanted a cat that would jump up and lay on my lap for a while.  I got more than I'd bargained for with Candy.  She will jump on my lap when I sit in my armchair in the lounge but it's not just for a short time; if she had the chance she would stay there for hours.  I don't mind if I'm watching TV but even then one does have to move occasionally and it's playing havoc with my crocheting as she likes to play with the yarn, given half a chance.

Out here in my workroom there is a comfy chair with a cushion on it where Phil while we have a chat about what we have to do, what we'll eat etc.  Some time ago Candy would steal that chair so I decided on another chair and so now Candy has one of her own, complete with cushion.  Not to be satisfied with that I've found her a couple of times recently sleeping in my office chairs which also has a cushion.  I can assure she is told what's what in no uncertain manner.  After all there have to be limited to her power!!!

This is madam on her own chair earlier this week:

Again about my frangipani.   Karen gave me a small one for Mother's Day called Heidi.  It was  single stem about 25cms/9ins high but after I'd had it for some weeks the top began to look not quite right.  Eventually it did rot and I spoke to our gardening chap about it and said it needed to be cut off until it began to 'bleed'.  Out came his secateurs and off came the top in a very clean cut.  On 7th December I took this photo of 3 shoots than had begun to form:

Today when inspecting the plants I found those shoots had grown so much longer and this was the pic I took of them today:

This is I think why so many of us are frangpani fans as you can never be sure just what they will do and I was really astonished at the size of these vey new leaves.  Of course I don't expect it to flower this year but just to have had it survive is what amazes me.

Karen also gave me a Madison White (probably for my birthday).  It was only a small plant but this year has decided to flower.  I have a traditional white but this Madison White has a much smaller, more delicate flower with a really delightful light perfume.  I have lots of other frangipani with flower buds and you can be sure I will show them to you as they you have been warned.

It would seem the most important things in my life (apart from my children and grandies) are Phil, Candy and my frangipani and definitely in that order.


  1. A lovely post.
    I have yet to meet a cat who didn't rule the roost. Sometimes with an iron paw.
    Love your frangipani and look forward to seeing them in bloom. Not someting we can grow.

    1. Thanks EC for your compliment.
      Fortunately Candy mainly keeps her iron paw to herself although she used to turn quickly at sudden movement behind her. She seems to now know that we mean her no harm but she did give Phil a couple of nasty bites when we first brought her home.
      Frangipani seems to love the weather in Perth altho you do have to shelter them a little in winder when they are bare.
      I only wish I'd begun to grow them sooner. Karen is really wrapped in them and spends a little more on them than yours truly does. She has some real beauties.

  2. Hari OM
    LOL, Candy knows who owns the place really - but it doesn't stop her making her place; and that is just grand &*> I can almost smell frangipani as you write about it Mimsie. It's one of the best smells! YAM xx

    1. I think Candy fits in really well with us and we are truly grateful to her for being so loving.
      Not all frangipani have strong perfumes but the old traditional white could be so strong as to be just a little bit too much. Years ago there was a man's hair dressing called California Poppy and it had the perfume of frangipani and was just over the top. You could always tell if a man had it on his hair.
      Hope your weather is clearing up a little bit. xx

  3. Doing much better with your frangipani that I am had a few all died so far.

    1. Some years ago I lost 3 that were growing in the ground but these that are in pots seem to be surviving very well. Main thing is not to overwater them and always make sure they are in friable soil as they don't like being waterlogged.

  4. I wish I'd known that about frangipani, when the top rots, just cut it off. Now that I know, I'll try again to grow one.
    Cats are funny creatures, Lola and I are still learning about each other, with her IBS, finding food that suits is a learning curve, but we seem to be doing okay there.
    Good to know you are all doing well.

    1. If you cut a frangipani when it has leaves then you need to cut until it bleeds. In the dormant time I guess just a good clean cut would be OK.
      I had no idea Lola had IBS so you've taken on a bit of a challenge there altho' it seems you are dealing with it well
      Yes, we keep our heads above water most times!!

  5. Candy sounds like she has her staff (you) well trained, and I admire her beautiful calico coat.

  6. Candy is beautiful and it sounds like she brightens your home. I've never had a cat but do enjoy those of my friends.

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