Thursday, November 30, 2017


I saw a quote the other day saying "Time flies so make the most of what you have".  I've recently realised that our lives are slipping away far too fast and there's not a blind thing we can do about it. Suddenly you find a whole month has gone and you wonder what you have to show for it.  In our case very little which is mainly my fault as, not being able to get around very well, I tend to be a stay at home.

This is a little hard on Phil who is still perfectly capable of walking around, albeit somewhat slower than in days of yore.  He gets away from me to to top up shopping and has his monthly poetry meeting with his two ladies (actually there were 3 on Friday as a stranger turned up unexpectedly.  I told him he is collecting quite a harem!! ) Elaine and Doreen are two lovely ladies in their 70s and the 3 of them get on so well together.  I've met them both and I'm glad for him that he can share his interest in poetry with others of like mind.  I enjoy poetry but not all that much.

All our close friends have slipped off the mortal coil and the few acquaintances we still have live many kilometres away and it's not a lot of fun out on the roads these days.  I still think Phil a very capable driver but he still sticks to the road rules and it seems there are many out there in control of cars now that seem to think they should have total control.  They want to break the law and speed or chat away on their mobile phones with little regard for others who use those roads too.  They actually want you to break the law too.  Incidents of road rage seem to be increasing everywhere and there are so many dreadful crashes that shouldn't or wouldn't happen if everyone took care.

I'm not really complaining but apart from our music and the books we read there's little else that we can do.  Gardening has been out for me for some years and now poor old Phil is finding it a little much for him as well.  Last week we had a wonderful gardener here trying to make our wilderness look a little shipshape and I must admit he did a wonderful job, at some cost though.  I have him now going to do an hour a month in which he thinks he can keep the garden looking tidy which is all we really want.  Fingers crossed this will happen.  Will keep you posted.

Of course I still have my potted frangipani but they are very slow this year which is possibly caused by the weird weather this year.  The one good thing about summer is the fact that the frangipani love it.  Right now I am having to be content just looking at pics of some of mine from last season.  Oh yes, quite of my plants has two seed pods and I did nothing to cause it.  No twirling in the flowers etc as one is supposed to do.  If they come to fruition I will give the seeds to my daughter as she is even more frangipani mad than I am and hopefully she will get some nice plants from them. If she happened to get a new type perhaps she could name it after me!!

These are the twin seed pods.  I have to cover them with netting so, if and when the pods split open, the seeds will not be lost.  Wish me luck on this one.  These are last year's leaves which have now fallen off apart from a couple.


  1. I really hope that you do get seeds. And feel confident that K would happily name any new plant after you.

  2. I've never seen a frangipani seed pod before, I hope you manage to catch the seeds, netting is a good idea, or a brown paper bag like some people use to catch seeds from other plants. I like all the different colours available now too.
    I'm not a fan of poetry.

  3. Hari OM
    I grew frangipani - but from cuttings; not sure I knew there were seeds! YAM xx