Tuesday, March 7, 2017


....and so our Indian summer continues on and on without a break in sight.  This is our third day in the high 30ºs and the rest of the week doesn't drop below 30ºC/86ºF.  We were congratulating ourselves on having a much milder summer (coolest in 10 years) but are well and truly making up for it this autumn.

Phil can never make out why our seasons in Oz always change on the 1st of the month (Jan, March, June and Sept) whereas in the northern hemisphere they always change on the 21st or 22nd.  Does anyone know why this is I wonder?   Is it a political thing or what?   Someone must know the answer to that question.  Do you?

I had blood tests yesterday week but so far no results have arrived.  Yesterday was a public holiday in Perth so no mail.  Maybe the results will arrive tomorrow, hopefully. Sometimes they forget to send results to me and if there is any bad results I'll get a little letter from Dr Ken asking me to make an appointment.  I like to get a copy and then I know exactly whether I will need to see him or not.  Just trying to find out why I'm getting little aches and pains I've not had before.

Not much else to report as in this weather I don't go out and about, or even into the garden for that matter.  Just pop out and check on my frangipani and take a few snaps.  Those of us who belong to the Frangipani Group of Perth put pictures on there so everyone knows who is doing what.  It's as bit of fun and some of them have so many glorious blooms.   My plants are in pots and I only have about 10 but they bring me a lot of joy and take very little looking after which suits me.

These are four photos I took this week...they are 1) Puu Kahea 2) George Brown 3) Cotton Candy and 4) the traditional white that you will find in many old gardens.  It may be a common one and there are many beautiful colours but to me the white is very special.  All of them love the hot weather.


  1. Those flowers are beautiful, Mimsie. Not sure why the seasons officially change like that. Maybe the 1st just made more sense? Of course, the seasons don't always follow our calendar! ;-)

  2. Pretty flowers! I think most people go by the actual weather. Or they say, "It's not 'officially' spring here, but it feels like it."

  3. Hari om
    Hope no doc letter needed! As to seasons, here in UK the international meteorological year has also been adopted, so last Wednesday, spring arrived... apparently. No one told the weather that though! Gorgeous frangipani. YAM xx

  4. Love the frangipani and am so sorry the weather continues to treat you unkindly. We are finally getting cooler days (and nights) and I am loving it. I hope yours arrive soon.
    I wish we did celebrate the change of seasons at the equinoxes. It makes much more sense to me.

  5. I love your frangipani and I'm jealous too, since I don't seem to be able to grow them. Like EC said, the equinoxes are more observed as the correct time to change seasons in Europe and I think we Australians should do the same.

  6. Those flowers are so pretty! What lovely colours.