Tuesday, September 13, 2016


We have had several letters from Telstra over past months telling us our 2G phone will be obsolete after 1st December this year.  We'd not bothered doing anything about it and intended to go to JBHiFi to buy a new one before the old one expired.  We bought our dear little mobile there last year when the old one died.  The one we have now is so simple to use and does not have a camera but a torch if needed and an FM radio which we don't use.   We will miss our little Nokia phone for its simplicity.

Out of the goodness of their heart Telstra has sent us a new mobile phone with all the trimmings along with a platinum card so we can go to their shop and have the new phone set up, free of charge, including our current number which we don't want changed   There was letter instructing us to call a 1800 number to set up an appointment to do the above.

I telephoned and told a young man what I wanted to do.  This seemed a little difficult for him to understand so I was then transferred to a young lady (both of them Asian) who was as helpful as could be but who couldn't actually set up an appointment time.  I eventually suggested an appointment after 11am today.   She confirmed that and I asked for set time but for some reason she was unable to do this.  Later I received an email from this young lady confirming out conversation.

Today Phil has set off to visit the Telstra shop in the hope (vain possibly) that he won't have to wait for hours.  Our son-in-law tried to take back their landline phone for about 3 years before they would accept it from him even though he had appointments at a Telstra shop.  He had been paying rental on their phone all that time and eventually, on his last visit to a Telstra shop he declared he would not leave the shop until the phone could be handed in and the service cancelled.  They use a landline phone purchased privately.

I am hoping Phil will fare better today and not have to wait for hours.  Will keep you posted on how it all goes.  Fingers crossed!!

 As it appears no-one has seen this post I am delighted to say Phil didn't have to wait all that long and a lovely young lady (his description) did all the right things and Phil came home with our new phone and the old one to be carefully disposed of in the envelope provided.  I find the new phone has smaller keys but as I don't use it much it should be OK.  Phil seems able to manage it and that's the main thing.   Incidentally, I suggested Phil use my walking stick (it is always in our car) as he had a bit of walking to do and he said it was particularly handy when waiting in the queue and when he arrived home he said he didn't feel quite as tired as he usually did.  He is not too proud to use a stick which pleases me no end.

P.S.  We only have a mobile phone so Phil can take it with him when he goes out (in case I should need to contact him or vice versa) and when we both go out in case of an emergency of any kind, car break down etc.  Otherwise it sits next to our landline phone and is never switched on when we are at home.


  1. I have a cell phone, it's not very reliable here in the sticks, but is better than our very bad land line we fought with for years. Sounds like you got great service!

  2. Isn't it strange that Phil had to bring the old phone home with a bag to dispose of it . . . wouldn't it have been simpler to leave it there? How odd some companies are . . .

  3. Isn't it strange that Phil had to bring the old phone home with a bag to dispose of it . . . wouldn't it have been simpler to leave it there? How odd some companies are . . .

  4. Isn't it strange that Phil had to bring the old phone home with a bag to dispose of it . . . wouldn't it have been simpler to leave it there? How odd some companies are . . .

  5. Hari OM
    the image you have here is of a DORO handset - I recently surrended my old Nokia for their Flipfone version; they are a Swedish company specialising in electronics for 'over 50s', bigger keypads, bigger screens and all that. I love it!

    Trying to deal with any company via call centres is a big issue; I had my own run ins this week, but not for phones - parcel delivery. yeeechhh... Glad you got what was needed with minimal strife in the end! YAM xx

  6. I got a similar letter about my Tracfone being obsolete, so I called them and they sent me a free replacement. I set up the new phone over the phone (our landline) and it was difficult for me but I did it. Like you I have this cell phone to take with me when I go out, but I don't use it much.

  7. I've only just found this, it didn't pop up on my sidebar at all yesterday.
    I'm glad Phil didn't have to wait too long to get the new phone set up and walking sticks certainly are handy when needing a little support to lean on while waiting. I've been thinking recently about taking my mum's old one out with me, but putting it off because it is one more thing I'll have to carry.
    My daughter K has been hinting that I should get a smart phone and learn to use it, I'm thinking about it, but haven't decided yet.

  8. Like River, this didn't pop up in my dashboard yesterday.
    I am glad it could be sorted relatively easily - and also wonder why the old one had to come home.