Saturday, July 23, 2016


Considering all the horrible things that have occurred over past week, and even before that, I am not sure I really want to think any more.  It is so difficult trying to find pleasant things to concentrate on.  Yes, there is being with my Phil and enjoying his love and care of me and both of us sharing the love of our beautiful Candy cat who never fails to delight us each day with her antics.  Every day now she asks to have a drink from either the kitchen or bathroom tap in spite of the fact she has two clean bowls of water from which she also drinks.   I think it's her way of keeping us busy turning the tap on and off!

I do love to think about my family but very often when doing so I then tend to worry about them and, in particular, what the future holds for them and knowing it is not within my power to make it good for them.   Having great-granddaughters of 4 and 8 makes me wonder what their future will be like in this multicultural society.  In 2050 they will be 38 and 42 respectively....what will life in Perth be like then?   I worry too about our great-granddaughter who will be 20 in a couple of months.  She has been disabled since just before her 5th birthday when a family friend who was caring for her managed to be involved in a dreadful traffic accident.  One can only hope there will always be care available for her as she ages.  So much to think and worry about.  I even worry about my daughter and her hubby flying to New Jersey in September to visit their #3 daughter.  So far from home and such a long way back as well.  I must just think positively about them making this trip.  I am obviously getting old as I am sure the young don't have all these worries.

My folks lived through two world wars and the worst depression the world has seen.  In the first world war they lived and worked in London despite the bombing and then ventured to emigrate to Australia where they at times faced hardships we could only guess at today.  Did they, I wonder, worry about what the future held for their children?  They didn't seem to but then dad died in 1971 and mum in 1985 when the world to them would seem to be have been on a reasonably even keel.

Am I worrying over nothing?  Maybe it will all sort it self out, one can only hope.  In the meantime I lose myself in watching le Tour de France (isn't Chris Froome fantastic and our Aussie boy Richie Porte really showing how good he is too?) and a couple of what will hopefully be exciting AFL footy matches.

Will I continue thinking?  Of course I will and Phil and I will often sit and talk about world affairs and consider  how it could all be put to rights if only the right people were in charge but then the right people are often those that aren't ambitious enough to think they could change much so stay quiet which is a great shame.

I am sorry to have rambled on and I don't blame you if you didn't get this far.  I have few people to talk to these days (in fact no-one really) and just need to air my thoughts and worries somewhere.


  1. Hari OM
    ...and this is why we blog! Truth be told Mimsie, every generation (or perhaps every second) goes through all this same sort of thinking at an individual level. As for the cycle of the world's state? Nothing is new, really, it is just that we have to live through it as if it were. Enjoy Phil and Candy and your wider family. One day at a time. Huggies, YAM xx

  2. Mimsie, I am young and I think about these things too. (47, can I still call myself young?)

  3. These are very familiar thoughts to me too.
    I am a worrier. Always have been, and don't know how to stop.
    I am so glad that you have Phil and Candy to (sometimes) distract you.

  4. Over half a century ago, I had my first bout of 'worry.' It came on the heels of having the 'baby blues' after my firstborn. I was sure the world would end and my baby would not have a chance to live. Yeah, I cried for quite a while.

    The world didn't end ... I think we all worry about the future from time to time. (Remember having a bomb shelter during the cold war?) We are all going to worry from time to time because we have been going down that infamous creek at a steadily increasing rate of speed. Not a bloomin' thing we can do about it, any more than we could stop those planes headed for the Twin Towers or any number of catastrophes we've had.

    There's not a single thing we can do about any of it. If stuff is going to happen - it will. Worrying about it doesn't change the outcome, and just messes with our minds.

    Hang in there, Mimsie. It will all come out in the wash.

  5. I think most generations have things worth worrying about, and yet time rolls on and the things people worry about rarely come to pass. If I worry, or don't worry, what will be will be, so I don't waste my time worrying about anything. Enjoy the good things in life, one day at a time.

  6. It's normal to worry and you have plenty of family to worry about when the future sometimes seems so uncertain. But good things do happen, so probably things will turn out alright, the future isn't all gloom and doom.
    I have days where I worry, not so much for my grandchildren, but for any great grandchildren that I don't have yet. Will they be able to find jobs and afford housing? That sort of thing.
    You might find you worry less after your daughter and her hubby are safely back from New Jersey.

  7. .. Hi Mimsie... I think it's part of being a parent to worry about the future for your children.....
    I read your previous posts and I love the songs you chose, Perry Como was one of my favourite singers. I've had quite a lot of mice as presents from my cats over the years.. xxxx ... hugs.. Barb xxxx

  8. Your 'ramblings' are interesting. All parents worry about their children. I know my mother was still worrying about her family in her nineties. Worry won't change anything but that doesn't stop us doing it!

  9. I am perhaps your age and sometimes I tease myself and say 'worry is my middle name." I love quite a few people and yes, I do worry about them. My prayer list of those I pray for is a busy one. As a Christian I give those worries to God; He can handle them.