Wednesday, April 16, 2014


There's quite a lot to report this week so:

1.  The is the big day and the cabinetmaker says the job can be done in a day so here's hoping.  All was cleared from the cupboards last night so they have a free go.  A big 'right'.  I rang flooring people this afternoon to alert them to the fact measurements can go ahead as soon as they are available to do them.   Another 'right'.  Doing well so far.

2.(a)  Our x-rays.....Phil had to have a follow up CT scan of his chest the day after his x-ray and there is still nothing definite so another CT scan in 6 months time.  We reckon at age 84 that doesn't sound too frightening.  There is scarring etc., showing up but when I think of the attacks of really bad bronchitis he had when young that it not at all surprising.  More of a 'maybe' than a right so far.

2.(b)  My x-ray also showed a tiny 'something' and so next Tuesday I have to have a follow up x-ray to see if the 'something' is still there or perchance has disappeared.  If not, then it's a CT scan for me as well.  Ditto my comment on 2(a), a 'maybe'.

3.  Our diabetes.   Both our long term results were quite good....Phil 7.3 and me 7.2.  We saw the professor this afternoon and he is quite pleased with us and takes our ages into consideration.  Phil's B/P was excellent but mine was terrible as is usually the case when I see a doctor (white coat fever they say).  Put this in the 'right category.  See the professor again in September.

4.  Had a telephone call from daughter kakka who saw her doctor today and all her results (weight, B/P, BG and cholesterol) were fantastic.  Passed her message on to the professor to say thank you for pointing her in the right direction.  I think he was pleased to hear the results but said it wasn't all his doing but I explained that oh yes, it was.  I think if a doctor really points you in the right direction and the results are good then they should be told so which must surely makes them feel their efforts are worthwhile after all.  So many patients don't listen to their doctors/specialists and then wonder why their health is going downhill.   Well done my girl.  You made a huge effort and it paid off.  This is very much a big 'right'.

5.  We are off to meet with the family for a BBQ tea on Sunday (at K and B's home) so we're looking forward to that.  Have to remember to take drinks for us (probably a stubby of dark ale between us and diet ginger beer) and 2 chairs.  Another 'right' to look forward to.  I love my family so much and just love to be with them, even if just for a few hours occasionally.

6.  The gentleman that does our garden is here again bright and early so things outside are also going to look better as well.   Wow, another 'right' today.  Doing really well here.

7.  Still no rain although the daytime temps now in the mid to high 20s which is an improvement after so many hot, hot days above 30-35ºC.   This is a 'right' re temps but a definitely 'wrong' re rain.  To those in our eastern states....please send some precipitation our way. 

So that has been our week.  I hope yours has been good to you without too many hiccups.


  1. Hari Om
    Yes that sure is a bundle of rights - or at least heading that way!! Three days of sun here makes this week a 'right' one. Just cruising is another right...taking a bit of my own advice!! &*<> YAM xx

  2. Some wonderful rights there - and I am very, very happy for you.
    Our driveway might get started after Easter, and will take at least six days. And a small fortune. Who would have thought a driveway could take longer than a kitchen.
    A very Happy Easter to you and Phil. And give Kakka a hug for me please.

  3. I loved reading this! So many rights all in one week. Great news about the health of all of you. Apparently white coat fever is so common many doctors take the blood pressure reading twice, once at the beginning of the visit, then again near the end, to see if it comes down as the patient relaxes. Mine has always been perfect, never high, never low.
    If I knew how to send rain your way I'd do it.