Friday, July 26, 2013


Yes, it is very windy here today but we've had some wonderful rain which is so badly needed.  It's quite cold (15ºC = 59ºF) and I'm loving it.  I truly am a winter person and love to rug up to keep warm whereas during summer I never seem able to cool down enough.

We've had about 20mm of rain at our place and the forecast is for more rain and showers during the coming week. The garden is literally lapping it up although, unfortunately, so are the weeds.  Guess you have to accept the bad with the good.

Our farmers need rain so much and I am hoping that these fronts will reach inland parts.  The last we had in W.A. swept right across into South Australia so hopefully there is enough strength in this lot to do the same.

I am so fortunate that grey skies don't cause any depression with me.  I certainly do thrive in these weather conditions although at times my poor old joints tell me I'm a little barmy.  Strangely enough change in barometric pressure seems worse as it I believe it affects the fluid in the joints and that possibly causes more pain than the cold as long as you keep nice and warm.

River, there could be some more wild weather heading your way before too long but I hope, if it does, it is less troublesome than the last lot.


  1. Doctors tell us we are nutty to think that weather/climate/pressure have any affect on us but I'm with most definitely does.

    1. I am convinced it can affect our sinus cavity as well similar to the way allergens do. I think we've been around long enough to know it all as fact and not just supposition. : )

  2. Oh I love the weather we are having right now it is about 26c which I am not sure in F. It is not humid today and I will be on a tractor with an air conditioner going for most of the day. I think I will wear a turtle neck:) Hope your farmers get the rain they need.Enjoy the cooler weather. Hugs B

  3. 26ºC is 78.8ºF which is just about my type of weather but not hotter than that. You should do well with that airconditioner going. Happy tractoring. Fingers crossed for our farmers too. Thanks. xx

  4. I love wild weather but do get concerned about possible property damage from the winds. And I now have a new problem with the wet and frosty....increased pain in the hip and thigh. That's not fun at all, thank heavens for codeine.

  5. Hi Mimsie, I have the audacity today to hang out some washing, wishful thinking maybe that it won't rain for a few hours. xxx Rae