Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am becoming really concerned about these people that are entering our country illegally. We hear so many stories from so many sources and have no idea which of them are completely true. I guess it depends where they stand concerning these people that arrive here after dangerous journeys across treacherous seas brought here illegally by people smugglers and apparently at great cost too.

It worries me when these people who are now detained in various centres around the country when they decide to commit what can only be described as criminal acts such as damaging property and setting fires as well as threatening those in charge of them.

So many folk seem to think they should be allowed freedom of movement throughout the land but until we know positively who they are should this be alowed to happen?

If these people are genuine refugees then why do some of them destroy their personal papers and then can't prove who they really are. I know there are thousands of displaced persons all around the globe some of whom wait many years in detention centres in various countries en route to what they hope will be a safer and better life. They try to do it the right way by joining an endless queue of refugees.

After World War 2 there was thousands of displaced persons in Europe many of whom came to our country and made good lives for themselves and helped make our country what it is today but I don't remember any of them rioting or making demands of any kind. Rather they were glad to be here and I think came through the right channels. I was only 13 when WW2 ended so probably don't know all the ins and outs of it all but I do know they came from some pretty horrific places.

MOH was in the British Army in Germany immediately following WW2 and saw for himself the vastness of the devastation there and people who were starving and would do anything they could to obtain food etc. Many were also in danger and needed succour from government who would take them in and help them to a better life.

I have rambled on a little here but I just don't like what is happening in our country right now and can only hope that something can be done by this government of ours to at least ease the situation before it gets completely out of hand. Desperation can sometimes lead to unpleasantness and I am sure that nobody wants that to happen.

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