Friday, March 22, 2013


E is for ELVIS

No, not that fellow that used to sing all those rock and roll songs and drive the females wild.  Although I enjoy lots of his work and in particular his ballads I am speaking of the ELVIS family of which I became a part back in 1967 when I married my other half.

Yes, our surname is ELVIS and in Australia it is quite unusual although I have now found two in Victoria and one in Queensland.  Whether they are related I have no idea.  MOH emigrated from England in 1960 and brought the surname with him.  It is a surname you can find all around the world and it is not at all uncommon.

We don't know where the name originated but there was a St Elvis who came to England from Ireland many centuries ago so who knows.  We have asked those people who find the origins of name but so far none of them seem to be able to come up with concrete answers about where it originated.

When Elvis Presley was very popular our name would bring howls of pleasure when going through checkouts etc.  The young girls were delighted to be handling a card with that name on it.  We even had several telephone calls late in the night from apparently drunken teenagers asking to speak to Elvis.  Consequently we had our telephone number made ex-directory for some years.  We are back in the book now and fortunately the name no longer draws attention to itself.  Peace once again reigns supreme thank goodness.

I used to go to a hairdresser in our local shopping centre and I would tell her constantly to call me by my first name but no, not she.  She told me she just loved to be able to call me Mrs Elvis and did I mind if she did that.  What could I say but "yes, that's fine".

"What's in a name?"  That is a good question.  Some names go unnoticed but some, like ours, can be a bit of a problem at times.   I am sure there are other names that people find a bit of a burden at times too.  We still have people make comment about our surname but just remarking it is unusual (well it is here in Australia).

Incidentally, unlike me MOH does not like rock and roll and is a fan of classical music, particularly Beethoven, so I think the comments about the name annoyed him more than they did me although for a few years there even I got a bit tired of it as it was so constant.

                                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

E is for EASTER.  This is a time when our family get together and exchange eggs and maybe enjoy a hot cross bun or two.  This year I have had to come up with something different as we are trying to cut down on foods like chocolates.  Instead for our two eldest great-granddaughter I've bought Easter mugs and small eggs with a pretty pair of earrings for the 16 y.o. and two nice little sticker books for the 5.yo.  I know the youngest GGD (nearly a year old now) can't have chocolate (at least not yet) so have bought her a wee blue fluffy rabbit which I hope she will love.  MOH has a couple of squares of dark chocolate each evening so for him it's a dark chocolate (small) rabbit and for the few remaining adults normal medium size eggs.  For my daughter I have come up with an idea that I hope she will appreciated and also enjoy.  I can't tell you what that is as I know she checks out my blog even though she doesn't always comment.  lol




  1. Good E's!! How neat to be called Mrs Elvis.

    1. Thanks Delores. Not always sure about the surname although these days it often passes without comment (thank goodness). :)

  2. Ecellent E's. I can understand how irritating those late night drunken calls must have been.
    Your easter presents sound amazing and I am looking forward to hearing what you gave the incredible shrinking woman. (And goodness how I admire her.)

    1. Those calls were irritating especially when one thinks a family member may be in trouble at that late hour.
      Thinking more and more about healthy lifestyles etc., I thought to cut down on chocolate for everyone as much as possible.
      Yes EC, my girl is incredible and we are very proud of her and so was her doctor when she saw him recently.

  3. I'm wondering now if Elvis Presley was named for St Elvis.

    I think I'd be bothered by being one of the thousands of Smiths and Joneses in the phone books.

    I'm not doing Easter Eggs at all this year, in any shape or size. We seem to have all outgrown them.

    1. Hard to say where Elvis' given name came from. St Elvis I am sure would be catholic as he came from Ireland and I doubt the Presleys were but you never know.
      We will always do Easter in one form or another and while there are littlies I guess there will always be eggs but I am trying to keep it healthy so not too much chocolate.

  4. Best surname EVER! Love it. Oh you always entertain me Mimsie x

  5. hahaha....sorry PPMJ but I couldn't help laughing at your comment for which many thanks dear friend. I'm not a patch on other bloggers who are so brilliant but I do try. :)