Thursday, March 21, 2013


D is for DAUGHTER of which I have just the one.  I feel the above really says it all.  My daughter is so very precious to me and even though we don't say it often enough I know we love each other very, very much.  I am proud of her, I respect her and have always tried to be there for her as she has for me.   Thank you kakka for being you.  xxx

D is also for DOG

Although I am by nature a true cat lover I also enjoy the company of a dog but am probably fussy as to the type of dog.  My first hubby and I had a beautiful golden labrador (Jenny) and I missed her when he and I separated.   My other half and I have owned and loved 3 beautiful dogs, all different but wonderful friends.

First there was Princess, a white bull terrier, who was loved not only by our family but also the neighbours and it was not unusual for passing children to stop at the gate and ask how Princess was.  She died of a heart attack staying at our vet's rooms while we were on holidays so we didn't get to say goodbye.  We have some fun pictures of 'Prinny' which I always enjoy having a laugh at.

The second dog was Emma, a beautiful golden retriever, who came to us when she was 7 years old as her owner was returning to the UK.  Emma was with us until she was 12 and we enjoyed those 5 years with her until ill health determined she had to be put to sleep.  She was so gentle and we missed her very much when she was gone.

The third dog was a golden cocker spaniel, Winston.  He was about 2 years old when we found him languishing in a dog's home.  He was very thin, had kennel cough and, we discovered when we got him home, a large lump under his right 'arm'.  We took him to see our vet who soon had him on the road to good health.  Winston was a real trick and as with all cocker spaniels seemingly always hungry so we had to watch his weight.  Eventually Winnie had to be put to sleep as he developed incurable cancer.  We have his ashes in a little urn on our bookcase.

These 3 dogs were of course thoroughbreds but I have known some 'mongrels' friends have owned who have also been great pets and friends to their owners. 

MOH always wanted another dog but I felt in our 70s we were too old to have a dog as we would not be able to care for it as we should....take it for regular walks etc.  We prefer larger dogs so a small one was not even in our thoughts.  Our Precious is dog-like in some ways (she follows us around a lot) and she and MOH get on very well so he is reasonably content.

While still living at home our daughter bought herself a beautiful cream-coloured labrador (Dinky) who grew into a really lovely dog but unfortunately who succumbed, through we think a mistake on the part of the vet,  and died of distemper.  We were all devastated when this happened but I guess these things do happen and we have to learn to put it behind us.  She has never though been forgotten.

I have listed the dogs in our lives and couldn't do that with the cats as there were too many of them.  Many of the cats were individuals and stories could be told but it would take far too long.  Does that mean the dogs have won out?  NO, I don't think so.  We will have to call it 50-50 I think.


  1. D is for darling daughter and for dearly loved dogs. Which is as it should be. Another wonderful alphabet post. I hope you are enjoying writing them as much as I am reading them.

  2. You have put it so eloquently EC. Yes, I am enjoying writing these and glad you find them enjoyable. They are giving me a chance to think back of pleasant events or people etc in my life.

  3. That's a lovely poem for your daughter.
    I have two daughters and although I love them and they love me, I couldn't send something like that to either of them. They'd wonder why I was suddenly being soppy and mushy. It's just not our sort of thing.
    I like dogs too, but like you I prefer bigger dogs. Most of my life has been spent with german shepherds, with one dog being a shepherd border collie cross. It's the yappiness of smaller dogs that irritates me, not the dogs themselves.