Monday, March 25, 2013

A-Z #7 (G)

G is for GARDEN (n. a plot of ground, usually near a house, where flowers, vegetables or herbs are cultivated)

I've mentioned over past months that our poor garden is somewhat degraded these days as I can do practically nothing out there now and at 83 my other half is limited in the hours he can spend there.  I went out today and realised our front garden still looks quite respectable as it is mostly trees and shrubs and has a lawn that is reviving now after an inch of rain a couple of weeks back.  You can water the lawn twice a week (as allowed under water restrictions) and yet one good rain and it responds so well.

Anyway, while outside I took a few snaps when I realised there are parts of the garden that are still looking quite good with some pretty colours.  I am doing this to partly reassure myself that it is not all doom and gloom out there and if I can get Ron here in a week or two I know lots of wayward grass etc.  will soon be tidied up.

A couple of colourful patches first and then some individual pics of different plants.  Nothing exotic but still quite pretty.  These are in the back garden:

                                                              another bougainvillia

and in the front garden:

                                                                   Mexican rose
                                                                  White plumbago                                                                  
                                                                   Blue plumbago

                                                        My chameleon roses (in pots)

This is my piece de resistance.  In various places in both the front and back gardens we have for years had Sansevieria trifasciata (we call it Mother-in-law's tongue and others call it snake plant).  I guess a rose by any other name and all, that but this is the second time in about 30 years that one of the plants has flowered.  A quite insignificant flower compared with so many other glorious flowers but when it happens so seldom it is well worth writing home about (or in this case popping it on my blog for all to see).


  1. I love your garden. And I think I want some plumbago - I had some in our last home, but for some reason (space perhaps) haven't got any here. Thank you for the reminder.
    Our mother-in-laws tongue has never flowered. Something to look forward to.
    And thank you. I have now ordered a solar spinner from cheap as chips for himself. I feel sure he will love it.

    1. Those pictures flattered our garden. That part of the garden does look good but EC you didn't see the other 75%. I booked Ron today for 12 April when he will have it looking quite shipshape after some hard work. We have a green verge collection on 15 April so will be able to rid ourselves of all we no longer need.
      There is a very dark blue plumbago available now which is beautiful and I like the white 'cos it is different.
      I am so glad you found the solar spinner OK and I am sure himself will be delighted. Does he know you've ordered one? Did you also see the solar wind chimes? They are tempting too.

  2. It's a beautiful garden! I had no idea that Sanseverias flowered at all.
    What are those yellow ball shaped flowers between the two bouganvillea photos?
    I love the chameleon rose, it looks a lot like one in the yard here, starts out deep yellow, shades to pinky yellow then fades to near white.

  3. Just shows how a few pretty pics can be so deceptive. There are parts of our 'yard' I'd not dare show!! Glad though you like the pretty part.
    The yellow ball type flowers are yellow lantana which is very popular over here. Lots of lantana are unavailable as in some places they quickly become unwanted weeds, particularly in Queensland and NSW apparently. The yellow one is low growing and is allowed to be sold. It is very hardy and you see it growing in areas that receive practically no water except when it rains.
    I'd say that rose is the one you not a hybrid T but a floribunda. It goes from yellow to red to pink to white...really fascinating. Karen has had one for years and when I saw pics of hers I had to have one and then two and now three.

  4. Oh I love the photo of you and your darling husband. You are one very lucky woman to have found that love and happiness in this world. Love your H's
    Your garden is beautiful. B

    1. Thank you so much for all your kind words...they are much appreciated. I only showed the part of the garden that is beautiful. We have our Ron (a friend of a friend who happens to enjoy gardening) coming next week so hopefully the 75% that isn't so beautiful will look somewhat better.

  5. Snake's a common house plant over here. Poor thing wouldn't survive outside over winter. You have so many pretty flowers.

    1. Thank you Delores. As said above it's the best part of the garden and the photos make it look super good. I just wish all our garden looked that good but plants these days are so expensive.

  6. Very nice! And I didn't know a snake plant even blossomed! You must have a super green thumb.

  7. Thank you Susan. It is the second time a mother-in-law's tongue (snake plant) has flowered in our garden. We have lots of agave also and only once had a flower that was over 8 feet or more in length. Other agave flowers have only ever been about 6-12 inches long. I took a photo of my husband standing under the long flower. It was like an archway.