Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A-Z #11 (K)


There are probably many words that K can stand for but I think that kindness is one of the most important.

We may live in a different looking place to this one but this picture reminds me so much of my hubby and me as he is always helping me up and down steps.  This is what I call the epitome of kindness in our lives.  It shows he cares without a word being spoken.

There are many facets of kindness...teaching little children about life and how to live it well; helping people who are less fortunate than we are; always making sure any animals in our lives our loved and well cared for; helping people we don't know really if they need our help.

I am not a religious person but I try to live my life treating others as I would have them treat me.  I need people to be kind to me so I in turn must and will be kind to them.

Today I am hearing more and more in the media about people being less kind and considerate to each other.  Some tend to think simple words like please, thank you, excuse me etc., are perhaps not cool.  This saddens me so much and makes me wonder what type of world my grandchildren and great-children are facing.  They are being taught to be kind but inevitably they will come up against others that haven't been taught that or just choose to ignore it anyway and go their own merry way regardless of any harm or hurt they cause others.

I've always felt that kindness results in kindness in return and politeness works the same way.  The following is an example of what I am talking about:

Many years ago (back in the 1967-74) I worked as a telephonist.  There was a country branch and when I started this job I was warned that the boss in Northam was a very rude man.  I discovered this was so when I first had to deal with him.  He wanted to talk to my boss who happened to be on the telephone.  This chap from Northam rudely told me to get a message to him quickly and to have him ring back straight away.  I replied that it was not my place to tell Mr B to get off the phone but would have him ring ASAP.  This occurred a couple of times until in the end I decided enough was enough.  I spoke as politely as I could and told the Northam chap that of course I would have Mr B phone back as soon as I could and then went on to ask him how he was today and what was the weather like up in Northam that day.  For a moment he seemed quite nonplussed but then answered me in a polite manner.  After that he was always very polite and we got on like a house on fire and would often have a little chat for a few seconds when he rang.  If others had taken the time to behave in a kind manner I am sure they would also have found he wasn't such a bad chap after all.  I am not sure that would work today as everyone is in such a rush but one can always hope.


  1. Kudos to you for a lovely choice for the letter K. You are right, kindness is a wonderful thing - and I find it essential just as you do. However, there is one person that I am often not kind to - myself. I have noticed that you are perhaps also guilty of this, and am much nicer to and about other people than you are yourself.
    PS: I loved your story of the rude boss in Northam. By being courteous you took the wind out from under his sails. It wouldn't surprise me at all if you were one of the few people he was polite to.

  2. I love your K...for Kudos. I think I am a lot kinder to myself than I was when there were others to put first. I have little choice these days as I know if I do the wrong thing both MOH and I will suffer. He has enough to worry about with me now so I try not to make it worse for either of us. I may talk about others being better than me but then probably most of them are. lol
    I have an idea that the chap from Northam was actually better all round 'cos anyone who relieved me on the switchboard would often comment on how much more polite Mr J was these days so hopefully it softened him a little. I like to think so.

  3. The world could certainly use a lot more kindness, that's for sure. I liked your story about the Northam boss. I found a similar thing working at the checkout. I'd been told that some customers can be very rude and to try and keep calm when dealing with them. I just behaved as I always would have, treating everyone as I'd like to be treated myself, and guess what happened? In ten years, all my customers were kind or at least polite. I've had no trouble at all with any of them so far.

  4. Yes River there needs to be much more kindness in the world, especially amongst nations. I am glad you found being polite and kind helps makes those we deal with of like mind. Great to have customers that are easier to deal with too. Is it just we older folk that see it that way these days?

  5. You are quite right. Whatever your attitude is, it begets the same in response. Hand out love, kindness, consideration and good manners consistently and you will be responded to in kind. It's like a spreads. Pass it on lol.

  6. Yes 'pass it on' is a fantastic idea but are people so busy these days they don't have time to do just that? Perhaps folk need more time to just stop and smell the roses and spread kindness and happiness around.