Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A-Z #10 (J)


I have always enjoyed jelly and yet I seldom make it these days.  I must remedy that.  I did make myself an orange jelly when I had that day of having only fluids recently and I enjoyed it so much.  You can buy the low sugar jellies now....(note to self..buy some jelly).

I have never been fond of junket but my dad loved it.  He was the only one of the three of us that did  so mum would make up junket especially for him.  Jelly I love but junket....no.

I remember the packets of rennet tablets in the kitchen cupboard.  I suppose you can still buy them but I won't be bothering to do so.  I enjoy nearly all foods but junket is definitely not one of them.

My mum used to make the best shortcrust pastry ever.  Of course back then people used lard in their cooking which perhaps made the pastry so great.  She would make delicious apple pies, jam tarts and jam turnovers.  We would eat that type of food back then without putting on weight as we all got so much more exercise than folk do today.

Her apple pies would be made in an oblong enamel baking dish and she would put a china eggcup upside down in the middle of the dish before adding the apple and then the crust.  She never put a bottom crust on the pie and they were so fantastic I can almost taste one right now.  She was a lady that didn't like housework all that much (our home was always clean and tidy though) and yet she was a very good cook although the food we ate back then was simpler than that of today.

Jellybeans are one thing a diabetic is told to have with them at all times and should one detect a 'low' coming on then we should eat about 6 jellybeans followed by some carbohydrate if necessary.  I have never really liked very sweet foodstuffs so am not a fan of jellybeans but my other half does like them, especially the black ones.  One thing I will say about jellybeans they are very colourful and I wonder how many food colourings are used that are perhaps not so good for us.  Just saying.


  1. I call them bellyjeans. It used to make our daughter giggle when she was little...now she just gives me 'the look'. What a fun post.

  2. Thanks Delores. I love the wee story about bellyjeans and I know what 'the look' is like. I remember my dad always called frangipani 'hankypanky' which always made me laugh and still does.

  3. I use butter rather than lard in my short crust pastry (not that I make it often these days) and it is still tasty. I suspect that margerine would NOT have the same effect.
    I am not really either a jelly or a junket fan. Savoury is always my preference.
    Another great alphabet post - thanks.

    1. Thanks EC....I am hoping people are not finding my attempts at A-Z too silly.
      Health-wise people these days seldom use either lard or copha. I've not made pastry for yonks as we shouldn't really eat it.
      My mum also made the best in the world chocolate cake which she always said my boyfriends enjoyed which made me wonder was it me or the chocolate cake they wanted!! One thing I could beat her at though was sponge cake. I even won a cooking prize for sponge cake when I was about 14.
      I too am more a savour person than sweet but I do enjoy jelly. : )

  4. We called them bellyjeans too! sometimes the kids still do and they're in their 30s now.
    I've never tried Junket it always seemed odd to me having a dessert made with rennet which is used to set cheese curds. I do love jelly though.
    I use butter for my shortcrust pastry too and my apple pies have the kids coming from all corners of Adelaide. I haven't made one in ages. I might try lard one day, just to see if there is any difference in handling and cooking the pastry and the taste too of course.

  5. I tried junket once and found it sort of slippery and slimy but dad loved it so it was made solely for him....he was rather spoilt.
    Would be interested to know should you try lard in your pasty if you think there is any difference. Do let me know if you do, please.