Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I saw an optometrist last week who said he felt it was time I had my cataracts attended to as they were quite seriously affecting my vision. When I arrived home that day I rang the specialist's rooms and was fortunate they had a cancellation for this morning at 11.10a.m.

MOH and I set off and arrived in plenty of time so I 'signed in' and was given a form to complete and asked to take a seat. I saw two friends of ours who had both had cataracts ops in the past few months and she was I think waiting to get the all clear to to get herself new specs. I will see them tomorrow and find out how she got on.

After about 50 minutes a young man called me in and did some tests and also put drops in my eyes which makes one's vision go all blurry and allergic to bright light. "OK I thought. Now we are getting somewhere." But no, I was wrong. I lost count of how many people saw the specialist before me but it was well after 1pm when my name was called.

"Yes" said the specialist "your cataracts are quite advanced and I'd like to do the right one first followed by the left eye about a month later". "Fine with me" said I "it would be great to be able to see properly again." I was given a form to take to the reception area as apparently my eye as to be measured so they know what size the replacement lens needs to be when they remove mine.

The receptionist said she wasn't sure if the measurement could be done 'this morning' Bear in mind it was already well into the afternoon. No, it couldn't be done today but an appointment would be made for me to come back. I ventured to say that I hoped I wouldn't have to wait two hours next time. (I said it quite politely...really I did). I was told I'd not have a long wait so hope she knows what she's talking about.

Appointment for measuring my eyes.....18th July....not June but July. Oh well I guess these things take a while. I believe I will also receive advice when the first op will take place and hope it will be this year. Oh dear sarcasm is not a good thing!!! It is only a half day stay in the day surgery part of the hospital and I am told one has to keep still for 20 minutes while the procedure takes place and it is NOT painful so fingers crossed all will be well when it is eventually done.

I've written before about having confidence in one's medical team and I did really like this specialist and think he will do a good job. He gave me a pamphlet explaining the procedure which of course contained a list of things that could go wrong but I was assured that this type of procedure has a 99% success rate so who am I to worry.

Hopefully about next August I'll be able to give a running commentary on what it is like to have cataract surgery.

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  1. Was going to give you a call about this, but now I can read it here. Given that Dr S told you 10 years, a few months is not long really. Will be good to get your vision back.