Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yes, RATS. They are back in our ceiling again and the white ant man told us the other day that they have chewed a hole in one of the reverse cycle airconditioning silver ducting thingies which is not good as our aircon can be somewhat temperamental at times without help from outside sources.

MOH has bought this complicated rat trap that looks like a small water tank and in a few minutes he is going to climb the ladder and pop this trap in the ceiling. Apparently the best bait is peanut paste (I did ask MOH if it should be smooth or crunchy and I got this sort of funny look from him). I hate killing any creature, but rats we really don't need as they can do so much damage and they are not the healthiest of neighbours to have.

A few years back we had neighbouring back gardens that were nothing but weeds and I think it is possible rats were nesting and breeding in there. Now those areas have been cleared and houses built on them so the rats obviously had to find new homes but what attracts them to people's ceilings is beyond me but then I am not a rat.

I'm not keen on MOH climbing the ladder as he has osteoporosis and I always dread him having a fall but someone has to do it and me...I have never been able to get past the first rung of a ladder even when quite young. While up in the ceiling MOH is going to try and mend the hole in the duct thingie so I wish him well there.

I hope this rat trap works and the rat dies quickly, if indeed we catch one at all. It costs a fortune to have specialists do the job and when on an age pension there are some things we just have to try and do ourselves. Here's hoping for a quick result and a quick kill.

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