Monday, June 6, 2011


I just wanted to share Precious with my friends. She will be 10 years old in October and we love her so much and we know she loves us as she always wants to be with us. She does go outside in the daytime but usually sleeps up on the pergola or sits on the carport roof keeping out of the way of other cats that sometimes cause trouble in our garden. Why they choose to come here to air their differences is beyond me but Precious keeps well and truly out of their way whenever she can.

Precious is, and always been, a very timid cat and it is only in the past year or two that she has begun to come into the living room when anyone other than MOH and I are there.

Going on 10 years ago Kakka and I went to the Cat Haven with the idea of getting ONE cat as our dear old black cat had succumbed to cancer several months before. We saw this very lively white and grey kitten climbing and jumping everywhere in the very large 'room' where the kittens were and decided he would be great friend to have. As we were deciding this I noticed this tiny face peeking out from under a blanket watching the other kittens frolicking about and I asked the attendant if she would bring her our for me. This she did and once I held this wee tiny kitten in my arms I just knew I had to take her, we went home with two kittens.

These two kittens played together and would curl up and sleep together but as Henry grew he got a little bossy and if Precious found a nice place to curl up and sleep, the next thing you would see Henry had taken over that spot. They still played but he was sometimes a little rough and I don't think he knew his own strength as occasionally you'd hear Precious give a little growl to tell him to cut it out.

A strange thing happened about 5 years ago. MOH and I decided to buy twin beds as we felt we would both get a better night's sleep in separate beds. Now, the cats used to sleep between us on the queen size bed but the twin beds caused all sorts of confusion and it was as though they thought MOH and I had fallen out as the two of them just didn't seem to get on so well from then on. It was quite weird. You'd still see them playing chasy out in the garden at times but there just wasn't the same camaraderie between them as before.

We lost our Henry in August of 2009. He and Precious were lying close to each on the carpet by my feet (in front of the little fan heater) when suddenly Henry gave a great 'sigh' and I just knew that at that moment he had left us. Previous knew too as she got up and began to wash him. I said to MOH "Henry just died" and poor man thought I was joking but it didn't take him long to realise I was serious about it. Henry lies out in our back garden and a cairn of stones has been built over his grave and a plant I have put there I hope will grow and cover it up nicely. We do miss that big cat and often have a laugh about the funny things he would do.

Precious in the picture is in her winter finery. She loses all the fluffy hair before summer and becomes quite a short-haired cat. I have never before seen any cat I've had or known lose so much hair as the weather warms and then grow it all back each year. MOH always reckons when he empties the vacuum cleaner bag that there is enough hair in their to cover a complete cat.

I have had many cats through my life but these two have been so very special and Precious still is to both of us. We know we are too fond of her but just hope she will be with us for many more years to come,


  1. Oh, what a lovely story. Thank you for sharing your precious with us x

  2. There you go Mum, you worked it out with a little help. Now there will be lots of photos in your posts I expect. We all miss Henry and his funny ways and Precious is a darling. xx

  3. Just have to find some suitable pics I guess as I've mislaid the cord that connects my camera to the computer. It's in that wonderful place 'somewhere' I guess. P.S. Thanks for your took a bit of concentration 'cos it sort of looked all wrong but came out OK in the end.

  4. I'm so glad to have found you! I already know your daughter and one of your grandaughters from this wonderful blogging world.

    I adore cats and Precious is just so...well, precious!!

    RIP Henry

    PS Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)

  5. Hi Thea...great to make your acquaintance. Thanks for your comments and yes, Precious really is so precious. Hope we will become blogging friends. I am really rather low-key compared to many of you wonderful bloggers but I do try and write something of interest form time to time.

  6. Mimsie, when I was a little girl I presented a library talk on cats. It started, "I love cats!" And I do, to this very day. Your Precious is beautiful. She looks so content and stands proudly. I'm glad you have your cats. Love Katie x