Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Aahhhh That was a big yawn. for some reason I am very weary today....we went to our exercise group this morning and it was as much fun as ever but I had done something to my right arm just before leaving home which made it a little difficult to do all the exercises especially with the weights.

When I came home I sat down to enjoy a cup of tea and listen to the radio and couldn't believe that I actually dozed off for about 30 minutes. I just don't sleep in the daytime so must have been really tired. Took me a moment to realise just where I was. Poor old duck!!!

I've had trouble with this shoulder/arm before and hope it is not the same problem. Hopefully when I get up in the morning all will be well. I just don't need another part of me aching.

We had a very nice hot meal midday so just ham and tomato sandwiches for tea tonight which will make it easier.

A very quiet day today with little achieved so nothing to report. Oh did get some postcards off to great-granddaughter so she should have them tomorrow. Perhaps I'll send off a second lot on Friday to make up for missing out on sending them last week. Can't have the little one being disappointed when her mail box is empty for far too long.

An earlier than usual night could be the order of the day. Perhaps 11pm instead of midnight.

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