Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We slept in this morning until 10.10am and it was the fault of Precious that this happened. MOH opened the back door for her after 7am but she wouldn't go out 'cos we think that awful tom from 3 doors up may have been lurking. She just sat and looked through the screen door and after a while back she came with her little 'I need to go out' miaow so MOH got up again and popped her out the front door where she can sit on a chair or table on the verandah and feel safe.

A while later back came Precious with here "I am back now" loud miaow and disturbed us again. Having had rather a late night last night we decided to stay in bed and that is when the damage was done....we slept in.

So, what the heck? We are retired and only have to answer to each other (and the cat of course).

Had a cuppa and some cereal and played around on Facebook for a while (I run some 'farms' on there which is a lot of fun and play scrabble with a friend in New Zealand).

More or less a fine day so a couple of loads of washing to be done. Towels, sheets and undies mainly. I sit near the clothes line and hand the items plus pegs to MOH and he hangs out the washing. I can't stand for long enough to do that now plus I am a little unsteady on my feet. Not sure it is a good drying day though as it is very overcast and practically no wind. Probably leave it all on the line overnight and hope it will be dry in the late morning tomorrow. Have a bit more washing to do as they are forecasting showers tomorrow night and then more showers over coming days. I don't have a dryer and never have had one and have always managed OK even when we were both out working all week.

Now wasn't that all exciting?? Made sandwiches for our lunch and we sat and watched question time in Federal Parliament for an hour....I say watched as we don't listen to a lot of it as we get sick of the government patting themselves on the back (not really deserved in my opinion) but some of it is interesting and you can learn a little about this and that.

MOH still hasn't been up in the roof with the rat trap so that treat still awaiting us. I have to hold the ladder for him 'cos as mentioned previously we can't afford any accidents to happen to him.

The rest of the day? I will soon shower and wash my hair and for dinner tonight we will have grilled pork cutlets and vegetables. MOH will have a small glass of red wine which he really enjoys and it is good for him so why not? As television is pretty terrible these nights we will probably watch a couple more episodes of West Wing on DVD (what a wonderful series that was....I think the US producers excelled themselves with that one).

We will eventually make it to bed before midnight after having had our two little squares of dark chocolate which our specialist says is very good for us. Just before I pop into my bed MOH will inject my insulin for me and then it's drops in his eyes for his glaucoma. The cat will start off on the end of my bed and possibly stay there or transfer over to MOH's bed depending on whom she feels deserves her presence tonight.

After reading the above you will realise why my blog is not all that interesting. I don't have children at home nor do we have visitors other than my daughter occasionally. We don't go out much 'cos I can't walk far and everything is very expensive these days anyway. There have been no holidays for about 9 years so can't report on them either. A dull life by many standards but...

Are we happy? Yes, I would say we are in our own quiet way. We pay our bills, we stay out of trouble and get things done as and when we can at our own pace. It's not a bad life after all.


  1. Your routine sounds very sweet, thank you for sharing.

  2. Daily rituals may seem boring, but what a lovely, sweet insight into your life. Living life at your own pace, a cat to keep you on your toes, a lovely man to hand washing to - sounds pretty perfect to me. Thank you for sharing.

  3. We all establish routines in life as we get older. Yours sounds about like most of ours :-)

    God bless and have a good week :-)


  4. Thanks for your comments. When I think of some of the poor souls in the world today...yes, ours is a pretty wonderful life all round.