Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well everything is progressing well albeit slowly but at least I now know the schedule is all set.

18 July....eye measurements to be taken so they know the size lenses to use
15 September....cataract op of right eye
13 October....cataract op of left eye
About mid-november....back to my optomertrist for new specs and then hopefully the world be a clearer, brighter place.
Just wish I could get rid of the 'floaters' in my left eye but guess I must be thankful for what can be done and put up with the little flock of thingies that I can see whenever I look at the computer screen. Just one of those little things that come to try us as we age I guess.


  1. Good to know the schedule and that things are progressing, I bet the difference will be amazing, one of the ladies at swimming had both eyes done earlier this year and said she could not believe how much better she could see.

  2. Yes it is good to know what is going to happen and when. Three of our exercise group have had cataracts done this year and they seem more than pleased with the result. I certainly am glad I asked you the name of your optometrist as it was he got the ball rolling for me.