Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A strange title perhaps but it has been teeming down here during the night and morning and our own gauge showed 40mm which is wonderful with more rain on the way later in the week. The south-west of Australia (where we live) has been having drought conditions for some time now and it is certainly great to have this rain in the first month of our winter. I understand the rain has got through to the wheatbelt so the farmers will be happy about that.

Well our 'young' 47yo friend visited yesterday and connected my scanner for me and it works and I watched what he did and have tried to remember what to do but not sure it has registered. There are all these symbols showing that I have to try and understand and sometimes this old brain rebels a little at all the thinking needed. I will sit down and try and make sense of the instructions and give it a go...perhaps tomorrow. Don't want to turn today into traumatic Tuesday if I can't get it to work.

Had a bad night Sunday night and wasn't feeling too well yesterday. No idea what was wrong but just felt yuk most of the day. In some ways it was good to have RT here as it sort of took my mind off myself which is always good if you feel a bit crook.

Feeling lots better today after a wonderful night's sleep. Only woke up once during the night and straight back to sleep so overall I think I got good 8 hours which I really needed.

MOH is going to cook dinner tonight (chilli con carne) so all I will have to do is boil up some rice (long grained of course for we diabetics) and that will be my contribution.

He did say he is going go the library this afternoon and as it is now 4.20pm now I'd best get on his ginger or it is going to be late when he gets back. I hope he can find me a good novel to read as I am running out of authors that I enjoy reading. I tend to like mysteries and don't mind a good murder occasionally as long as it is not a book full of brutality.

Well off I go to stir MOH into action. Hope everyone is having a good day and keeping well and happy.

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