Wednesday, June 15, 2011


MOH and I visited our GP today and I had reason to ask him for a copy of a couple of reports about both of us that I had promised to send to our diabetes specialist to keep him up to speed with what had been happening in regard to certain problems.

Two of these reports were from a doctor in regard to MOH's mild anaemia and I was chuffed to read the opening sentence of the first report. It said:

"Thanks you for referring this DELIGHTFUL EIGHTY ONE YEAR OLD MAN..............

I 've known for years that MOH can be quite delightful but it is nice to have it confirmed and now I know it is not just prejudice on my part .... he is also obviously regarded by others as being delightful.

I am waiting for the day when somone says we are a delightful couple. That would be nice!!!

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