Monday, June 27, 2011


I am going to endeavour to post a small blog each day so I will then know what I am doing or have been doing. No not really but just thought I'd give it a go.

It actually is Monday as it is 12 minutes past midnight. In the morning a young friend of ours (well he is young compared to MOH and me altho' he is in his mid-40s) is driving up from Mandurah to have lunch with us but mainly to show old photos he has been printing out and to do me a favour.

I have had a scanner for nearly 18 months now and not connected it to this computer. Not so much that I can't connect it but need tuition about actually using it. I am hoping that RT will be able to teach me so I can scan some really old tiny photos (and some more recent ones too) and enlarge them if possible. If I have a good collection then there is something to leave my family that they can include in our family history.

I get nervous when trying to learn new things about the computer and its attachments (or whatever you call them) so it will certainly be a bit of a mad Monday for this dear old soul.

Wish me luck!!! and goodnight.

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