Thursday, October 9, 2014

A PHOTO A DAY...... number FIVE

This photo was taken on 8th May, 1945 which was VE (Victory in Europe) Day.  Phil with his parents and grandparents and other family members sat in the field outside their cottage enjoying a tea party to celebrate the cessation of hostilities in Europe.

You can see Phil's grandfather sitting at the head of the table with Phil sitting next to him.  Phil was 15 at the time.   Next to Phil is his Aunt Hilda with daughter Mollie standing behind her.  Standing next to Mollie is Phil's dad.  Mollie is the lass you could see in photo one in the crowd.  Then comes Phil's grandmother and his mother.  Phil is not sure who the man out of the picture is or who took the photo.   You have to remember this took place 69 years ago.  Phil thinks the partial man is a friend Charlie Busson and that Uncle Charles took the photo.

It was a great celebration after all that happened in Europe during the 6 years of the second world war.  Five of Phil's uncles and a cousin had been involved in various areas of the war including one uncle who had been rescued from Dunkirk.  Fortunately they all returned home safely and were able to get on with their lives.  His Uncle Fred died only last year at the grand old age of 95.

We were still having problems down our way until 15th August 1945 which was VJ or VP Day.  I think we always called it VP (Victory in the Pacific) Day.

I don't recall a lot about VE Day but I clearly remember VP Day as I was at school at Perth College that day and the teachers announced that the war with Japan had ended.  We were allowed to go to the newsagent, which was on the corner by the school, and buy the special newspaper printed that day.  If I remember correctly, we had to queue at the side gate of the school as only about a dozen girls could go to the shop at the time.   As a girl came back to the school another could then go to the newsagent to buy her copy of the paper.  In those days young ladies had to act like young ladies with no pushing and shoving....just politeness.  We may even have had to wear our hats to go to the shop.  I should still have a copy of that newspaper .. in that wonderful place "somewhere" and may even hopefully find it again one day.


  1. Wonderful photo. I can't imagine the relief that would have been felt at the time.
    Ah yes, I have a few items in that 'somewhere' place as well. Matter of fact, I was looking for one of them yesterday.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh this is a delightful photograph, grandad looking very patriarchal and the relief of an end showing in the faces. A wonderful 'share' Mimsie. YAM xx

  3. Love the photo and the story, what a time they have been through x