Thursday, April 3, 2014


This is when I try to find some 'right things from the previous week which is not always easy but I do my best.  I hope your week has been a good one without too many hiccups along the way.

I'm racking my brain to find what has been 'right' and having trouble doing so.  Phil and I both had our chests x-rayed yesterday and our doctor will have our results tomorrow but he's away till Monday but Phil has an appointment with him then as he'd received a letter to please make an appointment re recent blood tests.  We're not too worried as he'd had similar haematlogy results before and went to see a haematologist a couple of years back that didn't seem too concerned about any of it. 

As we age our bodies undergo changes which results in some results not being as they should be in the general scheme of things and parameters set by pathologists can sometimes be a little daunting and even more so when you are diabetic as they set the numbers very low at times.  We are both hoping our x-rays will prove to be OK as we were both smokers back in the dim, dark past but gave up in 1970 (I have to be honest and say I did take it up again laterfor a year or so, but soon realised how stupid I was and stopped immediately.  Both times cold turkey).

More repairs to our house have become necessary.  There's a big downpipe at the back corner of the house which needs replacing but it also means the connection to the gutter as well and some tiles have been affected so they have to be set right.  A quote of $480 seems a lot but these days materials cost a small fortune and tradesmen have to make a living.  Years ago Phil would have probably done the job himself but with age comes the inability to perform certain tasks and it certainly wouldn't be good these days for him to be up on a ladder for any length of time.  With the $500 I'm contributing towards a new kitchen sink and tiling that's nearly $1,000 outlay in a month.  Necessary but not 'right' at all.  Oh well, that's life.

The one really bright 'right' thing this week was the rain we had last weekend.   First in 4 months at our place and I'd say we probably had about 10-12mm which is better than none at all.  We are now back to weather around 80ºF (28ºC) (I prefer fahrenheit to centigrade/celsius as it always seems more accurate) and not a drop of rain in sight.  Had hoped the season had broken but this half an inch or so may just have been a flash in the pan.   It's still raining out in the Indian Ocean where they are searching for that lost plane but the rain is not reaching our coast at all right now.

I've not heard from or seen any of the family for a while now but I know they are very busy folk and can understand that.  You probably wonder why I don't telephone them but if I do I feel I am intruding into their busy lives and it's difficult to pick a convenient time and I just hate being a nuisance.  Our #3 great-granddaughter has her second birthday on 26 April and I'm hoping we may all get together then and I'll see everyone again.   That will be a big 'right' worth talking about.  I'm always amazed how Phil and I found the time for family as we did years ago but then we led very simple lives and probably just had more spare time.

Am hoping that next week will be a little more 'right' than this one has been.  Not that there's been any dreadful disaster occur (no flooded kitchens or the like) but it's just somehow been sort of negative and I hope you don't mind me getting it all off my chest but then I know what wonderful understanding folk you all are.


  1. Oh Mimisie HUGS HUGS there is a lot going on in your world and much to weigh on your mind. I do hope you can get together with your Great-Granddaughter for her birthday, that would be fun. I am sure you and Phil's tests will turn out just fine. Take care. Hug B

  2. Dear Mimsie, I hope the results of your medical tests will be known quickly so that you can get them sorted out. Sometimes it is amazing how many things are sent to try us in a short space of time. Nothing major here either but we have a lot of repairs to deal with around here and we are not handy around the house in the respect that we cannot fix the things we need to get repaired. Only wish :). Our families get busy at times don't they, but if I may be so bold, I would give them a call. They would be delighted to hear from you. I know if it were me I would be. Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder as time just zips on by and we don't realize how long it has been between calls. This is a great place to get things off our chest, and we're here for you. Lots of hugs from me too. Denise xxx

  3. Hope family members contact you soon. You have had a week of 'not so rights' for sure but even a small right can help to make it all bearable.
    What's right here? Well, like you not a whole lot but I did talk to the grands on the phone yesterday, found myself a much needed new spring coat every week....I'm still on the right side of the grass.

  4. Hari OM
    Sigh - it is a little difficult to think of these things in term of 'right', but in the long term they surely will be. The old house is reflecting the elder bodies - all need maintenance! Good that these things are indeed being monitored and 'doctored' - that is the right...

    If you read here, you will see my Thursday-Friday posts rather reflect your own state of affairs! But the sun will shine again.

    Good wishes to you both for good results all round. YAM xx

  5. Oh Mimsie. What a frustrating week. This morning here is wet. Very wet. And I love the rain - but it means for the second week in a row our driveway won't be repaired, and I cannot plant any of the squllion bulbs - or weed.
    The rain is welcome just the same. Except by the cats.
    Fingers and toes crossed that all your medical results are fine.

  6. Sorry to hear you haven't had any more rain, surely that has to change soon. We haven't had much over here either, we're back to sunny days and I've pulled down the awning to stop the glare coming in the window.
    But you're having your guttering and tiles fixed and the kitchen will soon be done, then with your test results over, your world will be right again.
    I'd venture to say that the kitchen upheaval is what has you a little on the glum side as well as the lack of rain, it's been so long since the flood and if you're anything like me you want it to be fixed and finished already.