Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Well, is everyone ready for Christmas?  I think I am getting there and Secret Santa certainly helps a lot.  Still have to think of something for Phil who doesn't really need anything but you do have to have something to wrap and hand to them don't you? We are scheduled to spend Christmas day with the family at Christie and Mathew's home but their airconditioning is once again on the blink.  I had my nephew repair it last year in time for Christmas last year and suggested I do the same this year.  He called at their place yesterday and let me know he'd fixed it and it only cost $150 to do so.  Not sure how long it will last but I'm sure I'll here all about it soon.  It is an evaporative airconditioner but when it is working it is very efficient.  I am always spoiled (or should that be spoilt?) as they position my chair in the living room right under one of the ducts in the ceiling.  Am so looking forward to watching the two little girls open their parcels on Christmas day and spend time with the family of course.

Do you ever stop and think how many pieces of advice are conflicting these days?  Coffee is good...coffee is bad......a glass of wine each day will do you good......even a drink each week can cause all types of horrible diseases.......diabetics should avoid sugar....diabetics can have some sugar but should avoid fatty food.   And so it goes on and on and on.   I still think if everyone ate what they like in moderation and in smaller quantities, avoiding too much sugar and fat we should be healthy.  Then of course, there is advice re exercise.  That is so variable it's ridiculous.  I can barely exercise except when sitting down it really doesn't concern me anyway.  I do what I can when I can.

We survived two very hot days quite well and yesterday were rewarded with RAIN!!  6mm in our gauge which for December is quite a downpour as we get very little rain during our summer months.  I now see we've sent our hot weather eastwards and hopefully some rainfall will follow for them too. We had a very cool and quite wet spring in Perth and the Parks and Wildlife people have been busy trying to complete as many prescribed burns as they can.  The rain will have brought with it lots of weeds which will be drying out now so as much litter as possible has to be removed or burnt.  We can only hope we don't have a horrid bushfire season as we had last year with lives lost and so many homes destroyed, in fact a whole township gone just like that.  I was pleased to learn the other day that the little school in that town will be re-opened as soon as possible.  It was first thought the government wasn't going to bother rebuilding the school but it seems public opinion really mattered.

I have noticed the print here has suddenly become smaller and I don't know how to enlarge it.  I must see if I can find a way to do it.  I can see it quite well but would prefer it to be a little larger.

Having problems with Firefox.  I run Facebook in two different names (it's do with a game I play) but all of a sudden I've found I am unable to delete the history so it's not allowing me to change from one name to another.  I have checked on their help page and done what I was instructed to do but it's still not working.  Unfortunately, these days, everything written to do with computers is done so taking it for granted that everyone needing help is a computer geek.   I get by but will never fully master all its intricacies.  Patience I guess is a virtue when it comes to dealing with computers and lots of other modern technology.


  1. Not ready yet.
    Hooray for rain and cooler days. I hope it continues.

  2. No, not ready at all. My son is coming and I'm in a bit of a dither with everything else.
    Hope the A/C lasts!

  3. Hari om
    Christmas organised;
    Each to their own I say;
    Hope fires stay away;
    Yes, patience and then some!!!
    :-) YAM xx

  4. I don't know how to enlarge the print on Blogger's new post page, unless you highlight and choose the large or larger options, but that results in really big print. I could suggest you write your posts on wordpad where you can choose the font style and size, then cut and paste to blogger. Although even there, the font defaults back to what blogger has chosen, but the bigger size should carry over.
    I hope you stay bushfire free this summer, heck, I hope we ALL stay bushfire free this summer.
    It's very nice of them to give you a chair under the aircon duct.