Friday, April 19, 2013


ARIES...THE RAM....21 March to 20 April   (my adopted mother was born under this sign).

Element:  Fire  Quality: Cardinal

Aries, you are the most volatile and passionate of the Fire signs, eager and playful.  You are the 'cardinal' Fire sign.  The Fire element means you are an Intuitive Type, driven by enthusiasms, excitable, spontaneous.

'Cardinal' means you are a mover and shaker, action oriented, expansive and like to take charge.  It means you are one of the 'pushers' of the zodiac, first to leap in and have your say. Your spontaneity sometimes gets you into trouble, if for instance you lead with your mouth via a tactless statement.  Or you might leap into a project only to butt your head on all of the boring details you did not consider.   You are most happy when you discover your truly authentic self and share your enthusiasms with others, using your competitive energy constructively.  You are the 'child' of the zodiac, the first sign, your key phrase: "I Am".

Your Planetary Ruler:  MARS: Planet of Vital Energy

Spontaneous action and exuberant energy are typical ways your Fire manifests.  In ancient Arabic astrology Aries is "of hot and dry nature" and your "angel holds the key of the creation of qualities and of accidents."  Your ruler, Mars, is associated with sexual energy, with warfare, desire and conflict.  Energy and courage and a pioneering spirit are some of his gifts to Aries.  Since the red planet rules both Aries and Scorpio, you are called the 'day sign' of Mars.  In the body Aries rules the head, the brain, the pineal gland and the eyesight.  Head strong though you are, you are most happy when peacefully engaged in mentally stimulating activities.

Mars represents the sheer vitality of leaping into life shrinking from no challenge.  His special message for Aries is to leap high, reach wide and face challenges with courage.

I am rather gob smacked as this is such an accurate description of my fantastic mum.  I can't speak for her sexual energy as children don't think of their parents in that way but her pioneering spirit and sheer vitality and not shrinking from any challenge is mum to a tee.  She did leap high, reach wide and face challenges with courage.  I can never really remember her being tactless though. After this perhaps I am inclined to become more of a believer than I was previously....perhaps!!  If you come under the sign of Aries does this description fit you too?


  1. Aries was my father in law, but I didn't really know him well enough to say if any of this is true for him.

  2. I feel that Aries people on the whole are quite good people so hopefully your dad-in-law was too.

  3. The only Aries person I have known well was a dreamer and a drifter. The exception which proves the rule?

    1. Yes EC, there's always one isn't there?

  4. Oh Mimsie this is my sign and it certainly does sound like me:) B

  5. So glad it's so true to form for you. You must have been lots like my mum. I think the lass that publishes these zodiacs (of which I publish part) seems pretty accurate in many cases with nothing outlandish as is often the case with some horoscopes.