Saturday, April 6, 2013

A-Z #19b (S) part two

S is for SPRING...1 September to 30 November in Oz.

Although I probably feel more comfortable temperature-wise in winter, I do love spring when the new leaves appear on the trees; the fruit trees are in blossom and there are so many beautiful flowers are to be seen everywhere.

In Western Australia we have some magnificent wildflowers and spring is the season when tourists travel here just to see these flowers.  I want to share some pictures of some of our wildflowers and apologise for not knowing all their names.  You will recognise kangaroo paws, blue lechenaultia, bottle brush etc., but perhaps names are not needed so just enjoy the beauty and variety.

Red and green kangaroo paw
Blue lechenaultia
Spider orchid

Fringed lily (I think)
Geraldton wax
Painted lady (perhaps)
One of the pea flowers
Donkey orchids
Enamel orchid

There are so many hundreds Western Australian wildflowers and I have chosen just a few of my favourites.  There is an excellent website that shows beautiful pictures of wildflowers from different areas of Western Australia.  It is well worth a visit if you have an interest in flowers.


  1. those fringed lillies look like Vegas showgirls... so nice to see the spring colours. We have a few spikes coming through the soil in places now..can't wait for some colour in the garden.

    1. Love your comment re the fringed lilies and I can see what you mean too. There is an excellent website about WA wildflowers if you are interested. It is
      Actually I found an even better one yesterday and forgot to provide it. It actually showed the different wildflowers region to region. If I come across it again I will post it.

  2. Stunning. Some year I will get to WA to see the wildflowers in bloom. In the meantime - thank you so much for these.

  3. I hope that one day it is possible for you to check out our wildflowers as they truly are beautiful but you have to pick the right time. There are some good tours available. Unfortunately many areas that were rich in flora have been cleared but there is still plenty to see.
    I am glad you enjoyed these pics and you could perhaps check out the website I have shown in my reply to Delores. There are many other websites as well worth taking a peek at.

  4. I'm planning a visit to WA some time mid year, to stay with my brother and his partner in Freemantle for a few days. I hope I get to see some of the flowers, but it may be too cold by then. I'm bringing my camera anyway.
    The bottle brushes look like the ballet chorus.

  5. Actually the 4th pic is not of bottlebrush but rather Beaufortia sparsa and yes I can see the resemblance to tutus. I should have checked it out before posting and put in the name. I have just found a wonderful website showing hundreds of 'pages' of Australian native flowers. It is presented by the Australian Native Plants Society and you can click on to each photo and it gives all the information anyone could want. I am putting it in my bookmarks for further use.
    As far as being here at the right time for the wildflowers I think a lot depends on where they bloom in which season.