Monday, April 22, 2013


CANCER...The Crab...22 June to 22 July (my lovely daughter-in-law was born under this sign).

 Cancer, your element is Water and your quality is 'cardinal'.  As the most driven Water sign, you take charge of heart matters, home matters and business matters with organic ease.  The Water element means you are a Feeling Type, physically attuned, sensitive by nature, with emotional insight and healing potential.

'Cardinal' means you are a mover and shakers, driven by a rush of feeling-oriented energy.  Your feelings are expansive and your awareness of people's needs, of moods and atmospheres, make it easy for you to take charge by giving people what they need.  Your way of pushing things to happen is a very subtle way, working on emotions.  Your sensitivity can also pull you away from people. sending you scuttling for a sea cave, beset by fears and worries or simply in a deep Moon-wane.  You are happiest when protecting the people and home you love, while using your natural gifts in a creatively satisfying way.  You are the 'mother' of the zodiac, the fourth sign and your key phrase "I nuture".

Your Planetary Ruler:  MOON : Planet of Feeling

Lavishing attention on those you love and obeying the impulses of your heart, keeps you on the move.  In ancient Arabic astrology Cancer is "of cold and humid nature" and "It's angel holds the keys of the creation of the world."  Being the moon's own sign you keep your psychic antenna in constant use and tend to wax and wane.  Emotionally absorbent around other people, and driven to achieve your goals, you need regular rest.  If like the Moon you could retreat every month as the Moon wanes until after the 'black' New Moon, your moods and general health would benefit greatly.  Since life's demands make this difficult, just easing off the pressure during those low energy Moon times and getting some solitude, will restore your creative spark.  Emotional insight is the Moon's gift and constant reponsiveness gets heavy, so never feel guilty about time out.  The parts of the body ruled by Cancer are the stomach, breasts, diaphragm, womb, ribs and abdominal organs.  Sometimes sensitive to food allergies and often sensitive to hormonal shifts, Cancer is happiest and healthiest with a simple well-planned diet and a gentle, supportive home atmosphere.

The Moon represnets the receptive flow of life, the mediator of the human heart.  Her special message for Caner is to honour your own truth and trust your organic wisdom.

My daughter-in-law is a wonderful home maker but also has a very important bank job so an all rounder.  She certainly protects her home and the people she loves.  She puts up with my son better than anyone else could and they've now been wed for 28 years.  If you were born under this star sign is this you?

Extracts from Astrology with Christine Broadbent.


  1. And this matches a childhood friend very, very well.

    1. There you are then, sometimes the shoe does fit!!

  2. This describes almost perfectly a sister in law, yet she wasn't a Cancer at all. She was a Gemini.
    On the other hand, a Cancer friend is nothing like this. She is the most scatterbrained, unorganised person I know.

  3. It is amazing how we think of people as types and yet it really doesn't have much to do with their birth dates. To me it is all a bit of fun and I've enjoyed doing these zodiac blogs.....just for fun.