Wednesday, April 24, 2013


SCORPIO....The Scorpion....23 October to 22 November.

Your element is Water and your quality is Fixed.  As a Scorpio you are the most intense and penetrating of the Water signs.  The Water element means you are a feeling type, emotionally driven, seeking financial security, emotional satisfaction and creative release.

Being the fixed Water sign means you specialise in holding patterns and fixed emotions  You are capable of intense devotion and intense dislikes, obsessions that help and sometimes harm you.  No shades of grey but plenty of white-hot passions and sometimes black moods, stir Scorpio's deep heart.  You are the eighth sign, the sign of the hidden mysteries, your key phrase "I transform".

Your Planetary Ruler is MARS : Planet of Vital Energy.

Your two ruling planets, the traditional Mars and the modern ruler Pluto both represent power and energy.  Intense emotional connections, psychological penetration and a strong sense of purpose are the direction that your Water flows.  In ancient Arabic astrology "scorpio is of cold and humid nature" and "its angel holds the keys of the creation of fire."  Your speciality is going beneath the surface, stoking the fires from a deep hidden place   In the body Scorpio rules the bladder, colon, prostate gland, urinary system and the male and female sexual organs.  You don't simply simmer - you positively steam!

Mars represents passion and vital energy.  Pluto represents the interlinked cycles of life and death.  The special message they carry for Scorpio is the secret of conserving and transmuting vital energy.

Well this is one star sign I find really fascinating and I am disappointed I can't think of anyone I know or have known who was born under this sign.  Perhaps this is your star this you?

As mentioned previously these are extracts from Astrology with Christine Broadbent and if anyone should want further information the website is

I hope you have enjoyed finding out whether or not you, your family or friends are true to your star sign.  It's amazing how often the description seems spot on but there are so many millions born under each star sign it is improbable they would all be the same but perhaps just variations on a theme.


  1. I honestly do not know one Scorpio funny isn't it I know a lot of people:) B

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  2. I am sure we must have known some folk that were Scorpio, somewhere at some time but perhaps not well enough to know their birth date. : )

  3. Oh yes, I knew one well and this fitted him to a tee. Intense likes and dislikes - set in stone. Never reviewed much less altered. And a stunningly creative man. Beautiful work (silver jewellery).

  4. It's aways grateful to find someone you know, or knew, that fits the bill. Love silver jewellery.

  5. I have a sister in law Scorpio and this fits her perfectly.

  6. There you go then....some fit and some don't. Just like daily horoscopes!!